Tips for Achieving A Professional Design Look

For so many of us, achieving a home that looks as if a professional interior designer has worked their magic has always been an unattainable dream. Until now that is, because with the smart advice below you too can achieve a high-quality finish without shelling out for the services of a professional designer. Read on to find out more.  


Focus on finishes.


The number one strategy to ensure that you achieve the most professional result in your home is to focus on the finishes. This includes the way the walls are skimmed and plastered, as well as the installation of skirting boards and any coving. Then there are the light switches, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom suites to consider as well, along with ensuring that the way your home is painted in both professionally done and accurate.


In fact, if there are tasks that need doing that are beyond your expertise, it is always worth employing a contractor to come in and complete them for you. This is because the little imperfections may not seem like a big deal at the time they occur, especially if you are desperately trying to complete your home decoration project. However, over the long term, these small faults can really have a negative impact on the overall feel of a space, as well as make it look worn and old before its time. That is why finishes are the first go-to strategy for a professional interior design look.

Once you have achieved a high-quality finish, it’s time to turn your attention to the decoration. There are plenty of ways to decorate walls in your home, but if you want a simple and professional finish, use white pine wall planks. Not only do wall planks give you an elegant and expensive-looking finish, but they can also be installed quickly thanks to the convenient adhesive backing and easy cutting.


Learn about design theory.  


Next, whether you are revamping or single room or renovating an entire home, spending some time learning about design theory can be invaluable. Especially if you want the results to be as professional as possible.


In particular, focus on areas such as color theory and what shades and tones work with each other, as well as how to put together a cohesive color scheme. Also, it’s worth looking to the rule of three if you want to achieve the most professional design look.



Of course, you can always go one step further and go to an interior design institute to complete a comprehensive course on the subject. Something that will not only help you understand the theory you need to transform your own space, but could be the foundation of a rewarding and lucrative career as well.


Be smart with decorative touches.


Lastly, when it comes to creating a professional look in your very own home, it is crucial that you are careful with the decoration that you choose. Use resources such as interior design blogs and print magazines to establish what is currently on trend, and how you can work this into your overall design.


Also, remember that decoration is primarily there to pull the eye to certain areas of the room. That means that clutter should be kept to a minimum, and you should carefully choose the placement of any decorative items you decide to use. If you want your home to look at if it has been decorated by a professional interior designer that is!  


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  1. I watch way too much HGTV, lol, so I appreciate the beautiful work home decorators do. But, I know my house will always look, well…lived in! I like it that way.

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