Benefits of Travel for Women Over 50

Travel seems to the be the big dream of many young people these days, and the common misconception is that traveling the world is something you have to do whilst you’re in your twenties because once you have a family and start work then the opportunity is gone forever.


However, nothing could be further from the truth, and in fact, there’s not only a growing number of people traveling the world with their kids in tow these days but in fact, the highest percentage of female solo travelers is actually made up of those over 50.


So, as you can see – there’s plenty of time to travel, and there real benefits for waiting until later in life to experience things like backpacking across Europe or Asia, or just traveling in the way that suits you.


You have more money:


Although traveling in your 20s is great, since you’ve likely just left school or college and don’t have much experience of the working world – or any real savings of your own, then you’re going to be staying in places like hostels and sticking to a tight budget when it comes to things like travel and food. This is certainly not a bad thing since the cultural experience of hostels is better than hotels, and learning to stick to a budget is never a bad life skill to have.


However, once you’re older, not only do you have more experience when it comes to responsibly managing finances, but you’re going to have a higher chance of just having more money to spend in general. That’s not to say you won’t be sticking to a budget or enjoying the company of other travelers whilst staying in hostels, but it’s always good to have that financial cushion in case you need it in an emergency, or you simply want to splurge on something like a cool adventure or luxury spa hotel when you wouldn’t be able to afford this when you’re younger and funds are tighter.


You have more life experience:


Traveling brings life experience, but if you have your own life experience to bring, then this is something that can also benefit you as you travel. You’ll be looking at the world in a different way and approaching your travels more from a cultural and learning perspective rather than just something you can tick off a list and take some cool selfies to show your social media friends. This is not to say that all young people look at travel this way, but life experience is something you’ll have a lot more of when you’re older, and even things like your education and work experience can come in useful. You can even further your education by earning a degree online with Walsh University’s online msn np program, or just take a few class while you travel. 


You appreciate it more:


When you’re older, you’ll have lived a different kind of life for the years before traveling. Maybe you’ve been raising your kids and now you feel like it’s your time to enjoy your life in a way that really lights you up and allows you to follow your passions. If travel has always been something you’ve been passionate about or aspired to do in your life, then this is something you’re likely to appreciate a whole lot more since it’s something you’ve waited long enough for, and possibly even saved for over the years. You’ll also be looking at the world in a different way and will appreciate the different cultures and people you come across on your travels.


Meet new people:


You’ll be amazed at the number of incredible people who you’ll meet on your travels from all walks of life and who you’d never have thought you’d meet before – well, you probably wouldn’t if you didn’t take the chance to travel and actually go out and meet them. Don’t be afraid to step out from your comfort zone and strike up a conversation with someone next to you in line.  Meeting new people is one of the best things about traveling, you never know one may turn out to be your new best friend. 


Keeps your mind and body active:


Traveling is always going to be something that will involve a large amount of walking from place to place – even if you’re going on a relaxing spa break, simply the walking from one side of the airport to the other is actually more exercise than the average person takes per day. Not only will your body benefit from the increased movement, but your mind will be kept active and stimulated, too, which is always a good thing to be having in your life as you get older.


Increased levels of confidence:


Traveling will increase your confidence no matter what age you are, but especially as you get older and think you’re too old to do certain things, you’ll see that, not only are you not too old, but you’ll see just how much life you’ve got in you, and how much you’re truly capable of.


Traveling – especially if it’s something you’re doing on your own can be scary at any age, but when you’re older, you may think you’re too old to go traveling and that you should be living a more quiet life according to what other people deem normal and acceptable. However, once you start to travel, you’ll see that you’re never too old to travel and that the world was made to be explored. You’ll even likely meet people your own age and connect with those who are in their 20s and traveling who will actually help you feel younger than you are. Traveling is something that can change your life at every age, so you shouldn’t allow people to tell you that you’re too old.

Get out there and start exploring the world


Where will you go?




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  1. I love to travel, and I would love to connect with a group of woman over 50 who have the same passion. I travel alone and sometimes with a friend, but either way is fine with me. Hoping to do some international travel soon.

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