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John’s Garage #ThursdayDoors

Johns Garage #ThursdayDoors ©Evelyn Dortch

This is a picture of my neighbor’s garage which opens onto the street behind us.  I love the way this tells a story of time.  The doors are from two different era’s as well as the open 9-5 sign in the middle.  John said that was how it was when he moved there so he’s not sure if it was a store or a car repair place or if someone just put that sign up there.  I think it makes for a very interesting photo.

9 thoughts on “John’s Garage #ThursdayDoors”

  1. I still haven’t made up my mind if the photo should be used commercially in a calendar, or we should call in a wrecking crew! If the “Open 9 – 5” sign is metal, you might want to pull it off the wall when no one is looking and sell it on ebay! Old metal signs are a hot commodity.

    1. Probably need the wrecking crew 🙂 I have always found something beautiful about old falling down buildings. The sign is metal and I have thought about taking it but I don’t think my neighbor would like that 🙂

  2. I have a friend who goes around town here in atlanta taking pictures of the old areas and they are always so beautiful!

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