5 Simple Ways To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle


By now we are all aware of the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. Despite this, it’s not always simple to create a healthy routine and stick to it. It can take a little time and perseverance to improve your health, and first, you need a plan!


1 . Eat to boost your immune system


To improve your overall health, eat foods that boost the immune system. With a strong immune system, you’ll experience better moods, increased energy levels, and improved defenses against sickness or disease. Eat plenty of green vegetables, including kale and spinach. Kale contains vitamins K, C, and A, all of which offer great health benefits for our bodies. It’s the vitamin A content that supports the immune system, while vitamin K can improve bone and cognitive health. Consuming plenty of vitamin C helps our bodies to produce white blood cells to combat infections. For vitamin C, eat red peppers, grapefruit, and oranges. Nutrients are essential for supporting your immune strength and can be taken with nutritional supplements like Balance of Nature


  1. Start a yoga practice


Yoga is an amazing practice, capable of improving your health in so many ways. You’ll experience improved flexibility, strength, better posture, and tone up your muscles. Yoga is also the best way to support your mental health by allowing you to feel calm and less stressed out. Yoga uses a strong meditation element, helping you to connect with your body and the earth, and learn breathing techniques. The breathing techniques learned in yoga are particularly useful for those who suffer from anxiety. As a beginner, it can be useful to take a few herbs to support your muscles and energy levels.


  1. Create a self-care regime


Creating yourself an effective self-care regime is so important if you want to improve your health. We all like to practice self-care in different ways, you might need a little trial and error to find out what works for you. Some people like to meditate, others write in a journal. Many find relaxation in simple pleasures such as long baths or hikes in the forest. Whatever activities you use for self-care, plan your days to incorporate at least two or three of them (even on your busiest days)!


  1. Try health-based apps


Technology is our friend when it comes to improving our health, because there are so many great apps to help us! For fitness, C25K is a great app to help novice runners to train to run 5K. It stands for ‘couch potato to 5K’, and includes structured sessions to support your running journey. For nutritional health, Yogic food is an amazing app to help you try out new recipes. All recipes focus on vegetarian dishes for optimum health and improving your mood. If you’re interested in an app to support your mental health, ‘Happify’ is a great resource to eliminate negative thought patterns and work on self-development.


  1. Regular health check-ups


Last up, don’t skip your regular health check-ups. These are also important to offer ongoing support for any health issues you have. For instance, if you wear a hearing aid, it’s important to see your ENT doctor if you experience any hearing aid problems

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many health services are offering online appointments, for those who do not wish to leave their homes.


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