Top Tips to Become a World Class Traveler

Do you love to travel? Does a passion for globetrotting burn deep inside? There’s a great big world out there just waiting to be seen. It’s calling you to set out on new adventures with new memories that will last a lifetime. You won’t turn into an experienced jetsetter overnight. There are some important things to know that’ll help you make the most out of each trip.


Saving for Travel


If traveling on a regular basis is what you’re into, it is strongly recommended that you have a travel savings plan. Set up dedicated savings account for your travel funds. Online savings accounts tend to have significantly higher interest rates than accounts offered by brick and mortar banks. Figure out where you want to go and what are the most affordable times to go. Decide how you want to travel by car, train, boat, commercial airline, or a private jet with Jettly. Knowing all the costs involved with your travel plans will determine how much money you’ll need to save and set up automatic deposits to your savings account. With discipline and consistency, you’ll have the money you need for that next vacation.


Hiring a Travel Agent


It might seem counterintuitive to work with a travel agent. One might assume that a travel agent is an unnecessary expense as it’s easier than ever to book your own hotels and flights online. The reality is those travel agents are experts when it comes to knowing what accommodations and experiences are available for a particular destination. These agents have inside access to preferred rates and discounts with airlines and hotels all over the world. An expert like Kathryn Eytle-McLean can help take the stress out of making travel arrangements and can transform a trip into the experience of a lifetime.

Using a Credit Card with Travel Benefits


If you’re disciplined enough to use a credit card responsibly, consider using one that comes with specific travel rewards. Many credit cards offer airline miles or travel points that can be used to book accommodations at deep discounts if not completely free. Many of these cards offer travel perks such as automatic coverage of fees for Global Entry or baggage fees. Some cards come with membership access to clubs that allow you to book luxury hotels at discounts with bonuses such as free upgrades and waived fees for early check-in or late check-out. Other cards also waive charges when used internationally.


Getting Equipped for Travel


If you love to travel regularly, you will know how crucial it is to be equipped with the right items. Travel becomes so much easier when you have the best equipment and accessories. Investing in the perfect travel accessories is about so much more than buying an adaptor plug that can be used in countries around the world; there are many different items available to make your travels more comfortable and practical. Taking a look at brands such as Emigre, which have an excellent range of high-quality travel accessories, is the best place to start. You will find that items such as travel document organizers, garment bags, and shoe bags will get lots of use if you are a frequent traveler. Being equipped with these items will ensure that you feel organized and prepared for travel. Knowing that all your belongings are safely packed away and will look pristine when you arrive at your destination will enable you to focus on having the best time.


Living in Each Moment


It may be fun to collect mementos from each trip, but be sure to give yourself completely to each experience. Whether you travel domestically or globally, do your best to immerse yourself in the local culture and not just tourist traps. Hire a local guide who is intimately familiar with a locale and is an expert on the things that makes a destination special. Photos are a great way to capture your experience but don’t spend your entire time stuck on your phone. Itineraries are great to provide some order to your trip, but often the most memorable parts of a trip were 100% spontaneous.

For the true globetrotter, the passion for new experiences in new places is undeniable. There’s a big world that’s waiting for you to explore it firsthand. Wherever and whenever you decide to go, give yourself fully to the experience.

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