The Varying Variances of Very

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is “vary/very“.

The thought of writing about these two words makes me vary concerned or should that be very. I know that both vary and very have two totally different meanings but in the mind of a writer who is an over thinker, you start to question yourself about the correctness of your very or vary or whatever form you decide upon. This prompt reminds me of a friend of mine who always tells me how hard English is. English is not his first language and he has had a difficult time mastering English because of all those words like vary/very. We have way to many similar words in our language. Homophones they are called, thank you mind for finding that tidbit of very important information in my mind this morning. Some mornings it is very hard to find the vary word I am looking for. It is like wading threw a swamp in high heels and having your shoes suck right off your feet. But I digress and have completely went off topic. Oh well, it seems my vary mind is not quite able to process the very thoughts I need to wrap my head around this subject this morning. And now, how many times have I used the wrong vary in this very post because the words are now mixed together in my thoughts. Stream of Consciousness, No editing except for spelling – out to the world you go with the very jumble of vary.


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