Turning 50? Fabulous!

The internet is full of it.  Endless columns about how to age with dignity, growing old gracefully or worse: getting older and loving it!  No one truly likes aging, it’s something we’ve all learned to accept as an unavoidable part of the human condition, but with all of that being said there are some real milestones to look forward to and there are some idiosyncrasies that are enjoyed with each passing decade, or when you’re entering into one.  Now it has to be said that while it’s always fun to remember the glory days of youth and those fabulous “first-time” rites of passage, there is something very exciting about entering your 50s as a woman today and if this is you, then read on because like you can’t avoid the rising of the sun, you’re turning 50 – and it’s going to be fabulous!




There is no point in life that is truer than when you enter your 5th decade.  Your 20s were wild and awkward while you were figuring out your limits, boundaries, and making mistakes – gorgeous, wonderful mistakes. Your 30s were likely the period where you fixed a lot of what went wrong in your 20s and your 40s were where you sprang to life and accepted all of you.  You also likely began to expand materialistically in your 40s and if you made one or two smart decisions along the way, you’re also likely well into your period of investing and home(s) ownership.  So now in your 50s, you’ll be arriving at radical self-acceptance, and it’s awesome!  Now, you get to appreciate the fullness of being a woman, you’re probably expecting grandchildren and as an added bonus, you’re finally going to be over all of those lingering bits of self-doubt and critique. But the cherry on the cake has got to be that you’re finally going to start hearing these blessed words with increasing levels of regularity and intensity: mom, you were right! You’re always going to be a source of advice for your 20 something daughters (and sons) and that’s another great benefit of this decade – you know what you’re talking about.




With the benefit and knowledge that you have 50 years of experience working for you, you’re also making way better decisions than you ever have, and with that comes the security of realizing that the sky didn’t fall, after all, and it’s not going to.  You’re OK and confidence brings heaps of new opportunities and benefits besides.  You’ll love your newfound ability to make sharp and secure decisions (it’s that experience thing) and as you arrive into this new zen zone of self-love and acceptance, everyone around you is going to see it too.


Now there are a few teensy things that you need to pay a little more attention to healthwise. You need to regularly monitor your blood pressure, check in with your Doctor and keep those Mammogram appointments, you need to start maintaining consistent exercise and a healthy diet to keep osteoporosis in check and if you have any lingering sports injuries (or life injuries) get some balance in your bones restored by checking in with your Chiropractor.


Moving forward


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