Nightmare State

Nightmare State

There are days that echo through time, where you feel as if you have been transported into this life by some unseen force. These are the days you wish you could stay in bed tucked up under the covers and wait for reality to sink in. Today is such a day.

I feel as if I am stuck in a dream and can not wake, yet I am awake and doing my everyday activities. Fed the dogs, fed the cats, checked the mail, and sat down to write but I can’t shake this feeling.  You know that feeling when you are dreaming and you are just waiting for the monster to jump out from behind the door.  It is different from the fight or flight feeling of anxiety. It is the dread. That feeling of dread as you watch knowing that someone is going to be killed, but you just don’t know when.


8 thoughts on “Nightmare State”

    1. Thanks Jean. Such is life bad days are always followed by good days eventually. I always have faith that tomorrow will be better.

  1. Hi Evelyn! Here is to making it through this bad day and on to a time where you feel lighter. I know how heavy those days can feel, and it’s easy to forgot the good feelings come back!

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