Ideas for Entertaining The Grand Kids When They Visit

Running out of ideas for entertaining the grandkids when they come to visit?  Want to find some new ways to keep them busy that doesn’t involve electronics, TV, or video games? Want to create some memories that they will cherish and have loads of fun at the same time? Then you will want to keep reading.

In the article below, you will find some excellent ideas to inspire and entertain your grandkids, whether they come for a routine visit on the weekend or are dropped off unexpectedly. After spending some quality time at the grandparent’s house, they won’t want to leave, and the next time they come to visit, they will be happy and excited. Read for some entertaining ideas. 


Interactive Games 

When your grandkids come to visit, you want to spend as much time when them as possible, so it’s a good idea to introduce an interactive game, something you can both take part in and that won’t be too boring. If you can entertain them with an interactive game they will look forward to it.  Maybe a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek or hopscotch.  If it’s cold and rainy, a board game, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, or Clue is great. Any game that keeps their interest and is fun will be a big success.  


Family Activities 

Family activities, like cooperative play ideas, are excellent ways to spend quality time with your grandkids when they come to visit. Activities such as gardening, laundry, and even household chores can all be made fun and interesting. Who doesn’t like planting flowers with grandma?


The great thing about family activities is that they are normal everyday things that people do, but it’s a chance to connect with your grandkids in a genuine and realistic way. Family activities are a way to build an emotional bond with children and start to create a connection that will last. They are also an excellent opportunity to share some of your family history and values through storytelling and reminiscing about doing these same activities with your grandparents.


Group Activities

Sometimes grandkids come in groups, there is not one but many to entertain while your son or daughter is shopping, working, or having some quality time with their partner. So how can you entertain four or more children at the same time and keep them all happy? 


A successful group activity will include everyone and be fun. Arts and craft activities are an excellent way to keep a group busy even if they vary in age as the older ones can help the younger ones.  So break out the paints and brushes and see how creative they can be.

Another great idea is creating a family time capsule ask each of the kids to write a letter to their future self and make something. Plant the time capsule in the garden somewhere and put a marker on top like a stone or a sign.  This would be a great holiday activity. The parents could even be involved in this also providing something to put in the time capsule.  Then everyone could agree to dig it up in 20 years on the same holiday.

Building a Fort 

Probably one of the simplest and more exciting activities you can do with grandkids is to build a fort somewhere in the house. The great thing about building a fort is that it’s creative, active, and seems to be unplanned. But you will have to do a little planning for it to be a roaring success. 


The last thing you want is for your grandkids to start building a fort, and they run out of the materials they need to finish the job. If you intend to build a fort, make sure you have plenty of sheets, blankets, and pillows; when the fort is finished, have some treats like hot cocoa and cookies and take turns telling stories. 


Dance Routines 

Dancing is an excellent activity for developing physical attributes and emotional intelligence. Dance routines require concentration, memory, and fitness; while those are reasons that might put you off dancing with your grandkids, it doesn’t stop them from enjoying their dancing time. 


If you are stuck for something to do one day with your grandkids, just turn the music on and start dancing.  They will love it. Take turns picking songs and teaching each other dance moves.  This is an excellent way to learn about their music tastes and to share some music-related memories together.  


Jigsaw Puzzles

In some ways, jigsaw puzzles are similar to board games; they are an excellent way to engage the attention of your grandkids for an extended period. Because a jigsaw puzzle is a puzzle, once the kids get started on it, they will want to finish it, and you can enjoy quality time together.


Remember, making a jigsaw with your grandkids is not the only thing you can do while finding the right pieces and spaces; make the jigsaw an activity by bringing in some treats, drinks, and snacks. Doing a jigsaw puzzle is also a great chance to communicate and connect with the kids.


Cooking and Baking 

Some kids love cooking and baking, but others are undecided. For those who love cooking and baking, it’s an easy sell; all you have to do is announce that you are cooking or baking today and invite them to join you; alternatively, you can entice them to join you through their curiosity. 


If your grandkids aren’t interested in baking, you could show them what you intend to make first and see if they are interested in helping you to make something. This is an excellent way to spend a few hours, and you get a result, in the end, some baked goods to show the parents. 

Dressing up 

Humans love to imitate no matter what age they are, but when they are very young, the imitation is very colorful and playful. That’s why it’s a great idea to play dress-up and carry out some imaginative roles. Dress up as anime cosplay characters, Disney princesses, or everyday occupations like a chef or a firefighter.  Let them pick out your character and help you dress up.  They will love it, especially if it involves putting on makeup and fixing your hair.  


Occupying a character role or persona is an excellent way to grow the imagination and develop acting and communication skills that can help to build confidence and skills that will last them a lifetime. The easiest way to get started is to choose characters they are already familiar with like their favorite superhero or their parents. If your grandkids like a particular Disney character or story, it’s a good idea to dress up as these; not only do they know the character and story, but they will enjoy pretending to be that character. Why not perform a short play with some dialogue after you all have your costumes. 


Final Thoughts 

Now and then, your children need a break from their children. That could be because of some errands like shopping or household tasks, or it could be due to work or quality time with their partner. Whatever the reason is, it means you get a visit from your grandkids, which is a chance to spend some quality time with them and build a connection with them and will last forever. 


If you are scratching your head thinking of ways to entertain your grandkids, there are plenty of ideas on the list above that will entertain them and make them excited to come and visit the next time. That’s exactly what you want. You want your grandkids to look forward to visiting you to play the game they played the time before or to make something nice to eat, so try and deliver.  


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