How to Give Your Old House an Authentic Look

So you’ve moved into an old cottage and are looking to enjoy a quiet life. While you might love the location, you don’t really know what to do with an older house that is full of features that need to be restored or preserved. It is important that you focus on the strengths of the property and avoid making it look more modern than it should. Below you will find a few tips on how to decorate your farmhouse or cottage on a budget.

Take Care of Your Beams

If you are lucky enough to have the original beams in your cottage, you will have to take care of them, so if the previous owner has tried to hide them with a suspended ceiling, you might need to retrieve them. You will need to give it a clean and some treatment, a natural polish, and you will have a stunning feature you can use to hang decorations off.

Use Real Wood

Cottages and mass produce furniture, windows, and doors don’t get on well. Make sure that you take your time to shop around for the right style doors and windows, as well as the frames. If you are replacing the kitchen in your old cottage or farmhouse, try to visit your local reclamation yard where you can find quality real good features and worktops you can use after upcycling. Believe it or not, you can actually find board game table furniture online too so you can turn your small cottage into an entertaining space, without compromising on the overall wooden theme.

Authentic Decoration

An old house can look strangely eclectic if you don’t match the style of the building with your decoration. Avoid artificial materials and use stone, wrought iron, and real wood features wherever possible. Instead of the shiny tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom, you can use marble and other natural stones that will match the authentic style of your home. Avoid linoleum and laminate floor.

Cottage Colors

When you are choosing your soft furnishing and sofa, you will need to focus on cottage colors. No matter which period your home was built, you can’t go wrong with deep green, pale blue, or maroon. You can match these with white or beige, and make sure that you are creating an easy-to-spot color scheme throughout the house. Use beige flooring and natural colors instead of going for an all-modern look.

Festive Looks

When it comes to celebrating and inviting guests, you will also have to match your festive decorations with the existing style of your home. A modern Christmas tree or a huge TV on the wall might not look good on the stone floor. You can check out the latest Balsam hill reviews to find out how you can find the right decorations for your home during the festive season and when you are celebrating family events.


When you are planning on decorating an old house, you will need to make sure it looks authentic but still sophisticated after you are finished. Choose your cottage colors and natural materials before you plan your space. Restore your beans, doors, and windows, and pay attention to the wood and stone accents that will make your home unique.  


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