Review of Greenwalds All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

Review – Greenwald’s All Purpose Cleaner Kit #CitrusCleaner

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I had the pleasure of being asked to try Greenwald’s All Purpose Fresh Citrus Scent Cleaner.  I can honestly say I really loved this product.  This all-purpose cleaner is one of three cleaning products currently offered by Greenwald Brands, a small company located in Ohio. The unique thing about all the products is the water soluble refills that are environmentally friendly.

Here is a video from the company explaining the products by the creator of them.


I really like that his is an American company working to find a solution to our overuse of plastic that is clogging our landfills.  This product cleans and I mean cleans.  It takes off grease, dirt, grime, and all those other messes that kids and pets make.  It has a wonderful light pleasant orange scent that I just love.  Here is a video review I did of the Greenwald’s All Purpose Cleaner that shows you what comes in that box as well as how good it works.


My Thoughts

I love this product.  I love the concept of creating less waste and I really love the cleaning power of Greenwald’s  Once I use the refills that were included with the kit I will be buying more. If you like a clean house that smells clean and fresh then this is the product for you.


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