Groove Life Makes the Perfect Gift Any Time of Year

I discovered Groove Life a few years ago when my son asked for one of their rings for Christmas and it’s still a family favorite.  Groove Life makes silicone rings for people with an active lifestyle that don’t always mesh well with traditional gold and silver rings. Silicone rings are a great option for construction workers, mechanics, carpenters, and others who work with their hands on a daily basis.  The rings don’t bend and if they snag on a piece of machinery they are designed to break free saving you from a potentially disastrous accident.

So what makes Groove Life Rings different?


It’s the grooves.  It’s the world’s first breathable silicone ring, it is extremely comfortable but functional with its flexibility and breathable inner groove.  Groove Life has an inner groove system that to me looks like infinity symbols.  This design ensures that moisture is not trapped under the ring and that the ring can break away easily if caught.


Groove Life has amazing designs from plain solid bands to camo, flowers to superheroes, and everything in between.  Thanks to some great partnerships with people like Tony Hawk and Katie Van Slyke they have some amazing designs to choose from.  The rings also come in multiple widths so if you like a wider or slimmer ring they got you.  They recently came out with stackable rings which are my favorite.  You can mix and match them to create your own unique look.

The thing I love the most about these rings is that if you have a medical condition that makes your hands swell, you can still wear these rings.  They have enough stretch that they will expand with your fingers and if for some reason your fingers swell worse, it is easy to cut these rings off at home.

More Then Rings

Watch Bands

They have Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung watch bands made from medical grade, high performance elastomer and is designed with their breathable grooves that allow air to flow in and moisture to flow out making these watches the perfect gift for medical professionals who have to wash their hands frequently.  They also have Vulcan Leather watch bands that are made of premium leather.


Groove Life belts are great for dressing up or dressing down.  They look great with a uniform, a suit, or some jeans.  They are made of a proprietary webbing that provides the perfect amount of stretch. The webbing does not fold in your belt loops which makes it erfect for concealed carry. The buckle is made of an A380 aluminum alloy and rare-earth neodymium magnets ensuring the belt stays closed until you open it no matter how much turkey you eat for Thanksgiving.

AirPod Cases

Groove Life AirPod cases are constructed of premium high durometer TPU and polycarbonate.  This makes these cases soft and smooth wiithout being sticky but is strong and tough to take all the daily dings and drops.  These cases will hold up and just like all Groove Life products they come with a No BS lifetime warranty.

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