Stilettos Or Flats: Ultimate Guide To Wearing The Right Sandal

Although it’s quite unclear where the stylish stilettos that we carry ourselves in board rooms, parties, and formal gatherings originated from, some say that their earliest inspiration was the Venetian chopines. These elevated shoes were a staple of the high society as they could be as high as 20 inches.


It’s also said that the earliest stilettos were donned by royal men, as much as it is popular among the stylish women of the 21st century. It was a French designer, who ultimately crafted the stilettos in the 20th century in the form that it’s available today.


However, the sense of fashion differs from individual to individual. While some may prefer to steal the spotlight in high heels, some others may wish to do it by donning flats. Both can appear equally stylish, depending on the way you carry them. So, here’s giving you an idea regarding the same.


First of all, let’s turn to the high heels.


Opt for the right size

The key to donning stilettos in style is opting for the right-sized shoes. If you’re shopping online, let’s say from the JustFab shoes to save your time and efforts, you should take accurate measurements of your feet to choose the exact size for them. The size of your feet may change over the years, so make sure you pick the right pair while shopping.


Practice some foot exercises

Straightening and wiggling your toes every night before going to bed will help strengthen them so that they can carry you gracefully in those stilettos. You should also practice foot exercises that strengthen your balance and increases foot flexibility. This will reduce pain while you grace the floor in those stylish stilettos.


Wear those heels around 

Once your stilettos get delivered to your place, you should practice walking in them around the house to get used to them. It can seem difficult at first, but if you do it for a few days before going out, you can prevent stumbling and walk with more confidence.


Now, coming to the flats, many people believe that you can’t don them on special occasions, as they tend to make you look ordinary and less classy. Well, nothing can be further from the truth. You can ace your look in any event with flats if you know the right way to don them. Let’s help you with that.


Wear them with ankle-length gowns

Even the celebrities break the convention sometimes by donning flats to big events like the Red Carpet of renowned award functions. You can pair the flats up with an ankle-length gown to an event to appear stylish and classy at the same time. Flashy or metallic flats will go well with your gowns on casual occasions such as these.


Add some color and vibrancy

There’s no reason why you should wear heels everywhere, especially when you prefer flats over them. You can opt for flats in vibrant colors and sparkly shine to make them noticeable. Pair them up with the right apparel and accessories to enhance the effect.


Create contrast

Contrasting fashion is perceived as one of the most contemporary senses of style these days. You can create contrast by pairing your tough, flat boots with feminine dresses like skirts, short frocks, and hot pants. Or you can wear sneakers with pleated skirts and crop tops. No matter what you wear, make sure you choose the right-sized shoes to walk with confidence.


Metallic flats, red stilettos, or black boots, you should go for the footwear that makes you feel confident. Style and confidence go hand-in-hand, and you cannot sacrifice one for the other, so shop accordingly.


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