It is day four of the Just Jot It January challenge and today’s prompt is Dachshund. Wow, now that is a tough prompt. It leads most in the direction to write about dogs or pets. Me it leads to my least favorite Aunt and Uncle and my first trip to Cleveland. I’ve been to Cleveland twice and both times were harrowing experiences. As my Grandmother would say “I ain’t never left nothing in Cleveland I missed”.

Since I’ve been taught not to speak ill of the dead, I will suffice to say that my Aunt and Uncle who owned the dachshund did not enjoy children or the week me and my cousin visited them.

My second trip to Cleveland began with a full blown panic attack on a puddle jumper plane which I was removed from and it ended in me renting a car the next morning and driving home.  I had never in my life been so happy to see that West Virginia sign. I thought about stopping the car and kissing the ground.

Welcome to WV

I have not been on a plane since that day ten years ago. I prefer to travel by car or train anyway.

5 thoughts on “Cleveland”

  1. I’ve traveled by plane on two occasions – before and after my wedding – Las Vegas to Albany and back again (my Accomplice and I were working at the Grand Canyon then; I wonder how many people flew OUT of LV to get married?); and last February, Albany, NY to Portland, OR and back again on the day Leonard Nimoy died. I don’t care to fly, but the sky seemed like the perfect place to be, that day…

    My grandmother wasn’t fond of children, either. She often said wildly inappropriate things. She didn’t have any dogs, just cats she had a tendency to make mean enough to be scary to a child.

  2. Cleveland is unique because the only people who like it are the ones that grew up there, either as children or as adults. As a native West Virginian my thoughts on Cleveland are pretty clear…it’s the “Mistake on the Lake,” but after spending a few years there in college and my family moving there my opinions have slightly changed. Their sports teams are still garbage, but their arts scene and people are amazing.

  3. Well, I have lived in the CLE area for the past 18 years, which is the reason that I HAVE to fly sometimes. I’m originally from FL and my whole family is still there! My daughter and I have been flying quite a bit. Sorry it causes you so much anxiety. And the CLE area actually has quite a lot to offer! You should try it sometime without all of the old “baggage.” Since it’s on the way, we actually drive through WV a bit as well.

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