DuoBed: Not Your Mom’s Sofa Bed

Did your kids recently move out and leave you with a spare bedroom?

Do you have a home office but need a guest room?

Do you have a studio or a tiny house and want more furniture options?


Then DuoBed is just what you need.


DuoBed is amazing if you have a small space or a home office and need a place to sit and sleep.  DuoBed is the answer.  DuoBed is a chair, a sofa, a bed, and a huge storage ottoman.  Depending on your needs you can purchase components to create exactly what you need for your room. I had the opportunity to receive their chaise lounge.  Check out this video to see everything I could make with it.



This furniture works perfectly if you are just starting out. You can buy the pieces you need and add to it later.  Right now I have a chaise lounge which is perfect for the small studio space we are using it in, but later I can add more ottomans and pillows to make a sofa or a large sectional when we move to a larger space.

It’s nothing like your mom’s old pull out sofa bed with that bar right in the middle of your back and that wafer-thin mattress that was basically a 2-inch piece of foam. Remember this?



My mom had one that was passed down through the family, it was so heavy it was impossible to move around the room let alone to another house. It took all four of my big corn-fed cousins to carry that thing.  DuoBed is comfortable, lightweight and easy to move.  All you have to do is break it down into its smaller components,  the ottoman and pillow, for easy moving.


The best part is not only is it a bed and a couch, it’ss storage! That’s right when your friends come over unannounced, you can gather up all your stuff and throw it in the ottoman. Tada! the house is clean, don’t act like y’all don’t “hide the dirt” when people come over. We all do, but just in case you are a neat freak like my sister, this furniture gives you tons of space to neatly organize all your stuff without cluttering up your space.


I know you have seen those storage ottomans at the big box stores and they are so flimsy that if a 10-year-old sat on them they would collapse, not so with DuoBed.  These are strong and sturdy.  Y’all know me and my mom both are large in charge, voluptuous, curvy women so we have to have something that is going to hold up. This is working great. We tested it out and have had at least 500 lbs on just one ottoman with no problem.  These are solid construction and are holding up to us, our friends, my corn-fed cousins, and our menagerie of pets.


I recommend DuoBed 100%. So if you are looking for furniture check out this woman-owned business that is making furniture right here in the USA. Oh did I tell you it comes in several colors, and you can even customize it with fabric or leather for an upcharge?


Check them out. It’s all the furniture you will ever need, except maybe a kitchen table.



Here is the longer video of me unboxing and putting together my DuoBed.


[contentblock id=8 img=gcb.png]

[contentblock id=2 img=gcb.png]

4 thoughts on “DuoBed: Not Your Mom’s Sofa Bed”

  1. It does look pretty nice, as furniture as well as a bed. Yep, we have the pull-out sofa, lol. It does weigh a ton and we put an extra feather mattress on it to make it semi comfortable, lol.

  2. I would actually love for my mom to have one of these! :-p
    This item looks amazing. I love how it’s multi-functional, and the storage ottoman is such a great feature!

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