Do You Suspect A Loved One Has Some Troubles In Their Life?

There are many stereotypes surrounding addiction. However, the truth is that people can get addicted to a number of different things, and not everyone will behave in the same manner. This means that it is not always easy to spot if someone you love is suffering from an addiction that is causing damage to their life. So, what are the secret signs that you should look out for?


  • Stealing – Have you noticed that money has been disappearing from around the house? Or, perhaps valuable items have gone missing? A lot of addictions require funding, and that person will do anything to get their next high, whatever that may be. This is because it consumes them, whether they like it or not. 
  • Memory loss –  Addictions damage a person’s health in many different ways, and memory loss is a prime example of this. You should read about how heroin impacts to your brain body. If your loved one forgets to meet obligations or does not participate in conversations about the good old days, it could be because they are suffering from memory loss. 
  • Loss of interest in things they used to love – One of the keys to a happy family life is doing things that you all enjoy together; creating memories and sharing laughter. If someone in your family no longer has an interest in the things they once enjoyed, they could be keeping something secret. After all, addiction takes over a person’s life, and so they have very little time for hobbies they once enjoyed. 
  • Changed appearance – If the family member you are concerned about used to take pride in their appearance, and now they carry themselves in a completely different way, this is another worrying sign. Fluctuations in weight can also hint that a person has had a significant change to their way of living. 
  • Major changes in energy levels – Most addiction resources state that the most common sign of an addition is a major change in a person’s energy levels. Of course, the type of addiction they are suffering from will impact how their energy levels are affected. Some addictions can cause depression and excessive sleep patterns, others can result in intense amounts of energy.
  • Lying frequently – When someone is suffering from an addiction, they will happily flat out lie so that they can protect themselves from admitting the truth about what is going on. 
  • Being evasive or selective – They say the first step in recovering is admitting that you have a problem. Well, most people don’t want to admit that they are addicted to something, as facing up to the truth is extremely difficult. If your loved one is acting in an unusual manner, keeping secrets, or avoiding clear questions, they could have something to hide. 


If someone you love is exhibiting any of the signs mentioned above, don’t brush it under the carpet. If they are suffering from an addiction, they are going to need your support now more than ever. Carefully think about how you are going to broach the subject rather than diving straight in.


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