7 Budget-Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Homes Exterior



Home is one place in the world we all yearn to be most of the time. Home is a feeling often created by those you share your house with. And how you decorate and personalize it. 


There is no place like home. – L.Frank Baum


People tend to spend a lot of time sprucing up and cleaning the inside of their homes. And so they often forget, are short on time, or have little to no money left to invest on the outside. But that’s okay, compiled below are ten budget-friendly home-exterior tasks you can do.


By using some of the tips below, you can breathe life and beauty back into the front of your home, to replicate the feeling you and your family feel inside of your home.


Make The Windows Shine

Squeaky clean windows shall lift the home’s outside appearance instantly. However, if you have windows across multiple floors, it’s much safer to call a Window Cleaning company to take care of the window panes for you. Window cleaners are inexpensive and will visit your home every few weeks to keep your windows sparkling. 

If you find that you need to replace your windows due to leaks or breaks you can look for a service like Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement if you are in the North Carolina area to replace them with new energy-efficient windows. Not only will getting someone like philadelphiawindow.com out to replace your old leaky windows with more energy-efficient ones make your house look better, and they will also add value to your house.

Cut The Lawn

You likely have a lawnmower in the shed, and so this step will cost you nothing but a bit of electricity to complete. Mowing the lawns will immediately make the front of your house look less unruly, smarter, and more inviting.


Hanging Baskets

The summer is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean you have to say farewell to pretty flowers. There are still lots of winter-hardy plants and evergreens that shall look delightful in hanging baskets around the entrance of your home. For a touch of color and charm, think about adding cyclamen and pansies.


Outdoor Lighting

From solar lights to a new front door lantern, strategic lighting, particularly for when the darker nights roll in, is a quick and budget-friendly way to add a warm touch to your home’s exterior.


Overhaul the Door

A door with paint peeling off can be quite an eye-sore. To restore your door, why not sand, and paint it a new shade? You could be bold and choose a deep red. Or strip the door back to bare wood to add rustic charm to the entranceway.


Path and Driveway

Over time, the pathways may have become overgrown with weeds. And the lawn may have started creeping onto the driveway. To define the paths and driveways, grab a shovel, begin slicing into the edge of the path, and scooping up the excess grass. Use a fork and spade to help you pull out any pesky weeds.


Plant Trees and Shrubs

If your outdoor space lacks greenery, shrubs, and trees could be what it needs to add structure and interest. Buxus hedges, conifers, and hebe, for example, add different heights and focal points to outdoor spaces.


Making progress in the front of our homes often fills us with joy. Gorgeous home exteriors that don’t cost the earth to create give us a sense of pride and a newfound love for our home. Hopefully, the above has given you some great ideas on where to get started.


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