5 Simple Updates To Transform Your Outdoor Space


Your garden can be one of two things – either a beautifully nurtured piece of paradise on earth, or a sight capable of giving you nightmares. No one wants the latter, and you don’t need to be a professional landscape artist to give your outdoor space the luster it needs. There are several ways of creating a garden to be proud of without needing to call in a professional gardener. So, in this article, we will take a look at some simple updates to transform your outdoor space.


  • Create your own hanging basket

It is time to look around your home for an old colander or sieve that you do not use anymore. A colander, especially, can be perfect when it comes to giving your garden that extra touch that helps to transform it into something eye-catching. All you will need to add to your colander is some compost, a liner, and the kind of flowers you want to plant in it, and you’re good to go. You can add a couple of traditional hanging baskets or other DIY baskets to add some variety. 


  • The magic touch of a mirror

Adding a large mirror to your backyard garden is one simple and yet, effective way of making your garden seem bigger than it actually is. Just pick out your mirror – preferably, a large, weatherproof one – look for the spot in your backyard that has the least light, and fix your mirror there. Of course, it will need to hang on a wall. 


  • Artificial grass

Artificial grass could be that extra hand you need if your garden is in need of a lush green lawn – and also if you do not have the time or know-how to keep it trimmed and watered. And don’t worry, gone are the days when people looked down on (no pun intended) artificial grasses. They are easy to acquire, fix, and even to maintain. Plus, they will give your garden floor a truly beautiful look and feel. Just make sure that you run a stiff-bristled brush over it on a regular basis. 


  • Rain gutter garden

This concept is a pretty simple one – the rain gutter is used as a sort of long and shallow pot. As a result, they are only best used for plants that do not need a lot of space to grow. Because they are long and narrow, you can easily arrange them in parallel positions to each other and fill them up with your beautiful plants. You do not need to plant in the rain gutters already in use, as this will affect water flow and make cleaning your rain gutters neither do you need to take them down. Simply construct new ones right beneath the old ones, and you’re set. 


  • Embrace technology

If you’re going to find it very difficult to water your plants regularly and on time, then you might need to add a number of self-watering plant pots or even an automated wheelbarrow (yes, they are available). There are different kinds of technological innovations out there that you can take advantage of for your garden. 


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