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6 Interior Design Ideas for Creative Kids

Have you ever caught your toddler drawing on the walls with a flourish that is the tell-tale sign of an artist? You know, the kind of art that makes you pause and lose sight of the fact that your wall is covered in crayon or worse, permanent marker. Did you birth the next Picasso or Frida Kahlo?

Maybe like me, you are tired of scrubbing crayons off the walls, floors, and furniture. Are you looking for ways to channel your child’s creativity in a way that will enhance your home’s decor instead of detracting from it?  If your little artist is getting bored with the usual DIY craftiness of scented markers and washable finger paints, you should consider the following interior design ideas to engage their creativity.

Chalkboard Paint or Contact Paper

If your kids love drawing on the walls like my son did when he was young, then chalkboard paint is a great option. You can paint a wall or door with it and let your little ones go wild. Paint from the floor up, stopping at the height that your child can reach. When the paint dries, the kids can use classic, colorful chalks to draw, wash off, and redraw over and over again whenever their creativity kicks in.

If you’re a renter or just don’t want to commit to painting, you can buy chalkboard contact paper. Use it on your kitchen cabinets or pantry door designating the bottom half for your child’s use and the top half for meal planning or grocery lists. This paper is easy to cut into shapes and apply to any surface.

Changeable Display

Your kids are proud of what they create so why not let them display it.  Instead of buying art for your child’s room, create a changeable display of their artwork instead.  This can be as simple as a string with clothespins on a wall or flip open frames.  I personally like the wall of clipboards. You can arrange the display so your child can switch out their own art or you can arrange it so that only you can do this.

Mobile Display

Looking for something different and inexpensive how about a yardstick and some binder clips. It’s a really easy way to display artwork or photos. This can easily be hung in on a wall in any room or you can hang it from the ceiling like a mobile. You could even hang it on the front porch if you want to show off your talented little artist to the neighbors.

Yardstick Art Mobile EclecticEvelyn.com
Photo Courtesy of Family Fun

Let Them Paint

Yes, you heard me right. Let them paint on the walls. Don’t worry it’s just paint. You can always paint over it later but your child will always remember that you let them decorate their own walls the way they wanted too. Draw a simple mural on their bedroom walls and let them paint it.  If they are old enough let them draw and paint their own mural. You can also use their handprints or footprints to create images on the walls.

6 Interior Design Ideas for Kids EclecticEvelyn.com

If the idea of paint freaks you out, purchase wall stickers and let them put them on the walls.

A Gallery Wall for Your Little Artist

There are several ways to create a gallery wall.  You can pick your favorites and have them framed, create collages, or use a theme for the display.  Since my children are now adults, I find that by framing my favorites and creating a gallery wall in my hallway along with family photos has created a wonderful way to walk down memory lane.

Courtesy of Erica and Co. Interior Design

Another way to do this is to scan in their creations and create a monthly or yearly collage that you can then hang it on the gallery wall.  I am planning on doing this once I have grandkids (hint, hint)


Creating an Art Space


If your child is creative and crafty, then you need some storage space and an organizer for all of their art supplies. You can use bins and boxes to organize their art supplies. Create a designated area with a table that they need to sit at while they are creating and get a shelf to hold their supplies.

You could get something like this

If you are looking for something a little more permanent that will grow with your child and add value to your home, why not create a family craft room or turn an unused closet into a craft area that the entire family can use. If you decide to go this route you may want to get some custom work done. You can get free estimates from general contractors for a little woodwork, custom cabinetry, or a whole room design.


Creative kids make the world go round because they often become crafty, artsy, amazing adults. These youngsters offer different, unique, beautiful perspectives of the world around them—so you should definitely encourage their creative side with DIY interior design ideas that they can take part in.


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    1. I use the chalkboard contact paper all over the house. I use it to make labels for mason jars and have it on several doors in my house. I like that it is easy to remove without having to repaint.

  1. When my kids were younger I hung a whiteboard on a wall in the basement where they could draw with markers. My nieces use their easel every day with crayons, markers or paint.

  2. These are some really great ideas. I love the chalkboard paint and think my granddaughters would create to their hearts content with a chalkboard wall in their room.

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