How Dogs Can Be Excellent Companions When Living Alone


Provides Much Needed Company


Having a dog at home can really boost your mood when your children are all grown up and have moved out of your home. Initially, you may find yourself wondering how you are going to fill up the time with no one else in your home to feed, do the laundry or chat on a daily basis. It can feel quite isolating to begin with when you are used to having company. Owning a dog can allow you to have something positive to focus on, particularly if you have been living in isolation during this pandemic and have not had any human contact for a long time. They will keep you occupied such as going out for daily walks, researching Freshpet reviews to find the best quality pet food, or lots of playtimes together. 


Structure and Routine 


Even if you are retired and not working from home it will still be useful to have some form of structure and routine in your day. A dog can provide just this. You might find yourself waking up early to feed them, giving them a bath, inspecting their dental needs, taking them for a walk, or just waking up to lovely soft cuddles and feeling instantly loved before you go about the rest of your day.

 You will also feel a lot less lonely knowing that you have a fluffy companion to focus all your love and attention on, as you have been used to looking after your nest of children for the majority of your adult life, so you feel as though you need to project your love and attention somewhere. 



While dogs do offer us so much in terms of companionship and affection, when you live alone, it is essential to consider the protection aspect. In most cases, many breeds of dog will be all too willing to protect you from real-life threats – or the wind passing by your window. If you are interested in getting a companion who does have a solid protective streak – but is incredibly well trained then, German Shepherd Protection Dogs should be top of your list. 


Health Benefits 


Professor Kramer, a professor of endocrinology and metabolism at the University of Toronto discovered in a recent survey of 4 million people across various countries, including the US, that there was at least a decrease of 24% with regards to mortality rates in those that owned a dog compared to those that did not. 

They also discovered that those that had previously suffered from a heart attack or stroke were more likely to recover quickly with their dog companion. This is quite a significant difference which demonstrates the positive effects that dogs can provide as a companion, particularly when you are living alone. 



Enables You to Get Your Daily Exercise

As dogs need plenty of exercise to maintain their general well being it will also enable you to get outdoors to a green and open park space whereby you can get some much needed fresh air. This will be particularly important if you have been spending the majority of your time cooped up indoors. Getting fresh air and exercise is vital for your mental and physical well being so you and your pet would be benefiting from your daily walk together. 


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