Why Being a Caregiver Needs More Attention Than Ever!


It is amazing that in many ways it is still the most overlooked of all professions. And possibly this is because it’s not paid one. Being a caregiver, whether it is a child looking after their parents or someone looking after their child that was born with or developed learning difficulties, the importance of being a caregiver can be underestimated. Hopefully, now the pandemic has thrown some more light on the subject. Why is the caregiver the most overlooked hero of all?


The Sheer Volume of Work

There are many organizations out there to help parents of children with learning disabilities, but the fact is that there are so many organizations that are coming under fire with regards to the quality of care too. There are places like Passavant Memorial Homes that help to provide services to individuals with learning disabilities but with parents, and family members providing care, it is a 24/7 job. And this means that when you can pay this to people working in the care industry, who have built-in breaks, not to mention the fact they get paid for the job, we’ve got to take our hats off to caregivers who have dedicated their entire lives to being a rock for this person. And it’s a bit unfair just to call it “work,” because a parent loves their child unconditionally but this means that they’ve got the added pressure of being a concerned parent while also working as if they are a professional carer.


The Impacts of Being a Caregiver

Being a caregiver runs many risk symptoms of health. Caregivers report problems with their own health and well-being, such as poor eating habits, unable to rest when feeling unwell, but also postponing or not making medical appointments. And this is a melting pot for trouble. Family caregivers have an increased risk of depression. And naturally, this is the emotional rollercoaster involved in being a caregiver. While it can be a rewarding life, the other aspects such as the continuous care demands, as well as exhaustion and lack of resources contribute to stress.


It Is Time to Help 

Unpaid caregivers are heroes and heroines in every single way. But they don’t get the support they need. Because being a caregiver has significant impacts on mental and physical health, it is now time for us to help. If someone you know is providing care, and they are doing it all themselves, they could be too proud to say that they need support. But it’s important to remember that there are a wide variety of resources, like caregiver support. But it’s also about making sure that they have emotional as well as financial support.


Being a caregiver has such an impact on their mental health that we have to remember this role demands more focus and attention. It is a crime that caregivers are not held in the same regard as doctors or nurses. But perhaps, with enough repetition, we can fight to give our caregivers the support and the thanks that they need.



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