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Now that the kids are grown up and starting off on their own adventures, it is the perfect time for you to get out of the house and start to explore the world again. You’ve done the standard family trips which were more work than fun and now you’re ready for traveling on your own terms. Why not try something a bit different? 

Caravan it

A caravan or motorhome can be a really great way to travel or for some to live.  You are simply taking the place to stay with you. No need for hotels or even reservations just hop in drive the open road and see where you end up.  You can stay in luxury RV parks, state parks, or just in the middle of nowhere.  The choice is yours. You can take a year and visit every state in the lower 48 or you can just take a weekend close to home in a state park.  The possibilities are endless when you are driving you home.

Don’t have an RV or want the expense of buying one? No problem it’s as easy as renting a car to rent an RV.  There are even pet-friendly options, fifth wheels, and popups you can rent for less than the cost of a hotel room.

A yoga retreat

If your body is starting to become a little bit achy and you need a change in your fitness routine, a great option for travel would actually be to go on a yoga retreat for a week or so. When you go for a yoga retreat you will be on the shores of a stunning beach, with sun and serenity all around you. Your hotel will be all-inclusive and will offer you amazing food, drinks and even a spa to enjoy. You can then wake up each morning, go down to the beach and do yoga with lots of like-minded people. You might struggle with your flexibility but it can be a great way to make you feel young and vibrant once again! You might even make some new friends. Not into yoga? How about a writer’s retreat or a wellness retreat?

Double Deck Double Slide Pontoon Boat

A boat

Everyone knows about cruise ships by why not try something a bit different and rent a large canal boat for a trip through the UK.  How about an old fashion Riverboat Cruise down the Mississippi? You can spend an evening on the deck sipping a mint julep or reading Mark Twain. In West Virginia, you can rent a houseboat at Sutton Lake for a stay in the beautiful mountains of Appalachian. You can take a week or two and travel the canals of Amsterdam or travel back in time with a trip down the Nile. The possibilities are endless not to mention many river cruises are all inclusive including shore excursions. 

A road trip

For a simple way to spend a week off work or just a weekend, you can simply pack the car and set off on an adventure. Make sure you travel to backroads, not the interstate if you want to see the most interesting things. You might have a general idea of where you want to go, but you can stop at any time along the way to see new cities and towns. You can stop and stay at cute little hotels along the way, eat some of the best pitas, take in the sites, and you can take things at your own pace.  Want to be a little more adventurous, turn off the GPS and flip a coin for directions.  At each intersection flip a coin tails for turn right, and heads for turn left. Let fate guide your trip and you will find some amazing things along the way.

Renting a home

If you want to take an extended trip to enjoy the sun elsewhere in the world, you can rent a house or studio to stay in for a month or so. Why not save up some money during the year and spend it on one long trip? It will be amazing for you to do and you can really settle into this house as a second home for a few months. Choose somewhere you have never been and immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of this new place for a month or so. Meet your neighbors and become part of the community. It can be the most amazing experience and you never know you might find the spot you want to retire.


Ok, so we did the camping and the roughing it with the kids and now, we have no desire to pitch a tent or sleep on the hard ground in a sleeping bag, so why not go glamping. Glamping, it’s like summer camp for adults. If you hate the idea of lying on the ground with only a sleeping bag around you, camping probably isn’t the holiday for you. However, you can still enjoy the idea of camping and the great outdoors without having to give up on a bed. Instead, you will be able to stay in a glamping tent which will have a proper bed, sofa and other home comforts which you can enjoy while staying on a campsite in the countryside. You can stay in a luxury yurt right on the Potomac River with a queen-size bed, a queen-size sofa bed and portable bunk beds.  

Gal getaways: glamping image

Treehouse stay

Bored of staying in hotels and houses for your travels? Why not stay in a tree house instead?  Bring back an element of your youth and you will be able to enjoy a wonderful stay in a treehouse in the middle of nowhere. Your treehouse will be set up just like a regular home, but instead of a road outside you will be able to see a forest for miles and miles. It can be an incredibly fun place to come and it is a wonderful treat for you and your partner after a stressful year.

Double-decker bus

Did you know that you can sleep in a London style bus? In the UK, there are several B&Bs which are inside a double decker bus and which will allow you to stay in a luxury room as well as eat alfresco in the woods. It can be a unique experience for you both and you can enjoy a weekend away in a simple setting which is miles away from your corporate jobs back at home.

Dog sled

If you love animals and you don’t mind the cold, why not visit a country such as Finland and enjoy their dog sled tours? Dog sledding is a surreal experience and you will be surprised at the sheer speed which they pull you through the forests and the snow. Perhaps the best part of the whole experience is being able to cuddle and pet the dogs once they are resting and they will be the most gorgeous dogs you have ever seen in your life.


Did you have that dream of backpacking through Europe? What’s stopping you?  If you are an older adult and your children are now adults themselves, you have the freedom both financially and time-wise to go and travel around the world for a few months with your partner or your best friend. You can stay in hotels and hostels and join tours which take you to unique places in the world. You can rediscover your love for life and it can be invigorating for you to experience this year. You never know you might be inspired to write a book about your adventures. 

Historical tour

For those of you who just love everything about history, you can make it your mission to go around the country and visit as many historical sites and cultural hotspots as you can. You will learn a huge amount about the places your visit and you will come back afterward with a new passion and love for our world and everything in it. In West Virginia, you can stay at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park and learn the history of company towns and railroading.  You can stay overnight in a company house, a train caboose, or a rustic cabin. Take a ride on the train and have a bite at the Last Run Restaurant. the train ride in the fall around mid-October is spectacular. 

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park image

How about a gypsy caravan in France or a medieval castle in Ohio?

There is no limit to the unique accommodations you can find off the beaten path.  Not to mention all the memories you will make on these wonderful adventures.  What are you waiting for? Start packing!

What are some unique travel experiences you recommend?

6 thoughts on “Unique Travel Experiences”

  1. I love the idea of a canal boat somewhere in the UK or Europe, and also love road trips as long as the accommodation at the end of each day is clean and comfortable. I’m not a caravan-er, and also not much for camping, probably not even glamping, although would give it a try for sure. Backpacking doesn’t really do much for me these days, and I would have to say that relaxing, warm, tropical holidays are my faves. But probably only because I’ve never been on a health retreat – someone to cook all the meals, things to learn and try out, and a beautiful location – I think that could be a winner!!

  2. So many fun ideas! Hubby and I love taking off at the spur of a moment for a road trip. Traveling the backroads is what we do! I’m pinning this for future reference. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. My husband and I were just talking about purchasing an inexpensive RV to do some traveling with our dog! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger’s Pit Stop! Roseann from This Autoimmune Life

  4. Wow, these are amazing ideas and so fun to think about! We have young kiddos in our family, so we haven’t been to adventurous yet. We have rented a home before and loved it! (It’s a great option for families!)

  5. these are some awesome ideas. I’ve thought about getting an RV with my husband for family vacations. Haven’t done it yet but it’s in the plans for the very near future. Thanks for sharing this post with us at #OMHGWW!

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