Low Cost Garden DIY Ideas

Having an outdoor space, you can relax can make all the difference when you are stuck at home. Having a stunning garden isn’t about having a bountiful bloom of beautiful plants and flowers and a perfectly manicured lawn. Just as you let your imagination run away with you when it comes to interior decor, the same can apply to your garden too.

Adding some of your style and personality to your garden, no matter what kind of space you have can help create an oasis that you loathed to remove yourself no matter the weather. However let’s face it, garden renovations can run into three or even four digits quite easily.

And, if you are looking at doing garden renovations on a budget,  the chances are, you will be looking for easy, cost-effective ways of changing your garden and taking a hefty price tag out of the equation.


The list is endless when it comes to using indoor unused and unwanted items outdoors. Use old wood to make a pergola and use sheets and blankets for added cover along with fairy lights to create a perfect dusk hideaway or eating area in your garden. Talking of garden furniture. Dining room chairs can be treated and upcycled to make the ideal seats for your new outdoor space or even plant posts to add to the charm and character of your garden.

Old car tires can make great planters. All they need is a good cleaning and a bit of paint. Washing machine drums can be upcycled to make a fire pit for your garden, all you need is to coat it with heat-resistant paint in the color of your choice, and voila, an instant fire pit. Use old wooden pallets to create furniture or storage for your garden or even to use as additional decor on walls.

Use old ladders as outdoor shelving for ornaments or plants and old jars filled with fairy lights to create your ideal garden ambiance. 

Bring the indoors out

Create a cozy atmosphere by making your garden an extension of your home by bringing the inside out. Use cushions, throws, and lighting in your garden to add a few of your home comforts outside into your garden.  Whether you choose a different color scheme or flow your interior style outdoors, treat your garden as you would indoors and add rugs, oversized floor cushions or beanbags, all-weather ornaments, and lights to create the perfect garden vibe.

Hammocks are perfect garden accessories and are a massive hit with pretty much everyone.



A shed is perfect for every garden. Not only can it add extra storage, but it can also be a great focal point in your garden. Paint neglected brick sheds to give them a new lease of life, and treat wooden sheds the same way by making sure they are watertight before painting. Use your shed as an outdoor bar, kitchen area, or playhouse for the kids. Use your imagination and go wild with the outdoor building to make it a standout feature in your garden.

If you don’t have a shed, you can opt for prefab sheds or check online for easy-to-build tutorials and use old timber, wooden pallets, or bricks that you may have lying around the home. This way, you can make the shed into the space you need for your garden as it is purpose-built. Remember, all sheds need to be on a level, stable base. Building your shed on grass or mud parts of your garden will reduce the lifespan of your shed. You will also need to make sure you have the correct tools for the job such as hammers, drills, and saws to make things easier for you. 



Low maintenance

Low-maintenance gardens are growing in popularity. For this, people are removing all the elements of a traditional garden that tend to need more care and attention. Low-maintenance gardens include the removal of grass, soil, plants, and anything that needs regular tending. Adding in artificial grass can still give you a luxurious lawn look and feel you may want but with little to no fuss or maintenance. Alternatively, adding stone paving for a pathway, outdoor tiling, or even concrete can reduce this even more. Artificial plants and trees can give you the garden feel without the work needed to care for them. This means you can live your life without worrying about tending to the flower beds or weeding or even mowing the lawn.


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