Little Edie


Little Edie


Can you come up with a good caption for this picture of Little Edie?  Leave it in the comments.

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  1. “I was sleeping!”

  2. In this heat, you brought an umbrella & not a bottle of water??

  3. Speaking of sand, my tongue feels like sandpaper! YUK!

  4. I am not going to quit screaming until you clean my dang litterbox! I can do this ALL DAY!

  5. die human!

  6. I want my Mommy!

  7. Who – ME? Are you a crazy human or what???

  8. It’s raining cats and dogs!

  9. “I…..wanna rock and roll all night….and party every day!”

  10. It’s Monday….I don’t do Mondays.

  11. What do you expect me to do with this? You better get over here & carry me! 🙂

  12. I hate wet fur.

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