Can Citrus Fruits Keep Prostate Issues At Bay?

The definite reasons behind prostate enlargement are not clear in the medical science, which is a cause of concern for many. As prostate cancer is a glaring threat for aging men, scientists and doctors explore every channel to find out ways to prevent it or delay its progression.

They prescribe diet, ask the risk-prone people to follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and reduce smoking or consuming alcohol. Besides, they are also asked to include sufficient amounts of vitamin C in their diet, because of their all-inclusive benefits to the human body. As citrus fruits contain large amounts of this useful vitamin, taking one regularly maintains the level of vitamin C in your body.

But are the citrus fruits really helpful in preventing prostate issues? Let’s shed some light on this.

What the recent studies and scientific researches reveal

Many studies have been conducted to understand the role of fruits and veggies in lowering the risks of prostate cancer and related issues. Fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruit, tangerine, lime, and their varieties showed significant improvements in prostate health, while most veggies didn’t have any marked influence on BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) or PCa (Prostate Cancer).

However, cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, spinach, and sprouts were seen to be more beneficial in this case than their peers. When the reasons were examined, the amount of vitamin C and anti-carcinogenic properties of these fruits and veggies were considered to be responsible for lowering prostate cancer risks. To that end, let’s now understand the role of vitamin C in enhancing prostate wellness.

Why vitamin C is important

Also known as Ascorbic Acid, vitamin C is essential for the healthy functioning of our body in numerous ways. Its strong antioxidant properties help reduce the chances of damages by free radicals, which is one of the main causes of hormonal abnormalities in the body. As prostate problems are closely linked with hormonal disorders, like testosterone imbalance and others, taking vitamin C regularly can help prevent such issues.

In this regard, pomegranate juice is also considered to be effective in combating prostate issues. It also contains a high amount of antioxidants that offers tremendous benefits to prostate health. Even supplements like prostagenix contain a sufficient amount of pomegranate juice to help the elderly population get rid of prostate symptoms. Last but not least, vitamin C is one of the most important immunity-boosting vitamins that help lower blood pressure and promote heart health.

How to follow a vitamin C-rich diet?

Well, you have to take at least one citrus fruit regularly, either in the form of juice or whole. If you consume it whole, you may even get the additional benefits of the fiber present in the fruits to improve digestive functions. Apart from citrus fruits, you can get vitamin C from Acerola cherries, Guavas, Thyme, and Mustard Spinach.

This amazing vitamin is also present in some veggies, like the cruciferous vegetables, tomatoes, Red Bell peppers, Sweet Bell peppers, Kiwis, Lychees, and so on. With their ability to fight degenerative disorders and removing harmful free radicals from the body, increasing vitamin C intake will surely bring improvements in your prostate health over time.




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