5 Necessary Things for Traveling With Your Cat

Traveling abroad with your kitty from experience can be the most challenging tasks an individual can encounter. There was a kitten named “Crookshanks” at a local animal shelter in the UK. At first, she never seemed like the bothersome type but until the pet owner had to travel to the United States was when the reality came to be.

Yes, after quite a struggle, the pet owner eventually managed to travel with his pet to over six countries. That is why in the article we would like to offer you the travel tips on how to go with a cat. It is to avoid unnecessary issues in the future but be warned these tips are unsuitable for time travel.

In this article, not only will we give you the best way to travel with a cat, but we will also provide you with the necessary travel apps for you to research.

Before we begin, it is essential to know how to travel with a cat. Therefore, it can be traumatizing if you travel off with cats from their home. That is why when it comes to planning, it can take quite some time to get everything ready.

Therefore, these are some of the essential tips for every traveling cat owner:

Have a Consultation Session with Your Vet Concerning the Cat’s Health

If you have got a cat with anxiety then as you travel, it is recommended to give them some medicine to make them feel home. If your cat is hyperactive use a sedative before beginning your journey; that way, your trip can be guaranteed safe and secure for the furry friend and you.

When the vet offers you the necessary medication, ensure that you have administered it before beginning on your journey. To help ease the anxiety because some pets also succumb to air or carsickness, ensure that you have gotten the correct medication for it.

Carry a Crate in Your Travel Bags to Keep Your Cat Comfortable

Cats are used to knowing that crates are the most fabulous playthings in the world to play with. Use the box to carry your cat, especially for short trips. Besides, as you travel with a cat on short trips, you can leave it to roam at the back of your vehicle. Though with some certain restrictions to avoid unnecessary distractions. Either way, you can choose the best method to be used for you with your furry friend.

Ensure Your Favorite Cat’s Items are Carried as You Travel

According to most pets expert advice, if your cat has a plaything they love so much, ensure that you’ve carried so that it may remind your pet the feeling of home. With that, a reminder of a home, then they will feel both secure and safe.

As You Travel, Have All the Instructions Checked

If you intend to travel with a pet on a flight, then you need to do your research concerning what to expect. Confirm whether your cat can go with you in the aircraft compartment. To some top bloggers, it is essential to realize the space under the seat where it is dictated.

Ensure that you have the correct documentation concerning your pet’s disease prevention and health. It is because some countries have a firm policy that all pets crossing their boarders have been vaccinated against Rabies.

Also, enquire information from your vet concerning medicine or other calming methods to make the journey smooth for the cat.

Take Precaution as You Travel

If you are going for a long journey, ensure that you are most careful as you open or close the vehicle’s door. Cats when it comes to escape can be very skillful, and there are high chances that they would want to avoid the car. It is recommended crating your pet right before leaving the vehicle. It is for the sake of security for you and the cat for if you were to carry the pet with your hands, it might scratch you. With the scratching, there is a high chance it might scatter off. We recommend you to tag your cat with a microchip and a nametag on the collar.


It has not been a secret that most cats are uncomfortable with traveling and more so, they love showing you. That is why in the article we have taken the initiative to advise you on the methods to use as you decide to travel with your cat. With that, are you conversant with how to go with a cat?


Author’s Bio: This article’s author, R. Hudson, is a renowned journalist who boasts of having worked at several top media houses in the world. More importantly, she is a cat lover. That’s why Hudson has been writing concerning cats for the past six years. Currently, she is pursuing her newfound hobby traveling more with her furry friend Draco. Check out more at All Pets Expert


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  1. This is very helpful information to know when traveling with a cat! I have actually never done it before, short of driving the 45 minutes home when we adopted our Rosie. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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