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10 of My Favorite WV Pics

I love Instagram.  If you’re not following me you really should. I share everything from dogs and cats to crochet and sunsets.  I love taking photos and when my phone is working right I share them on Instagram.  Here are 10 of my favorite pictures of West Virginia I have found on Instagram this month (original article July 2016).

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Update September 2019- a couple of the accounts were taken down so I had to find some new photos to share with you.



A photo posted by @natepaxton on


A photo posted by V&B Digital (@vbdigital) on







A photo posted by Jeff Wolfe (@graphicahead) on


A photo posted by Amy Marie (@wvmomofsix) on

West Virginia really is a beautiful state. Y’all should come visit sometime. By the way, I didn’t make a mistake and include a picture of India. That is commonly known as The Palace of Gold as is really an amazing place to visit.

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  1. I have only passed through West Virginia but I would like to visit someday. My daughter is moving to Virginia so my sister and I may visit West Virginia and Virginia on our next “old lady road trip”

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