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    Coal Camp Stranger

    Mr. Anders had seen a family tossed out by hired men just hours after the father had been killed in a mine explosion. A woman heavy with child and four little children with nowhere to go tossed out like garbage. He could still hear her crying and screaming in Italian not understanding what was happening.

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    Who is J Poet?

    This is an amazing young poet I came across a while back. I have no idea what has become of him since he made this video several years ago. If you know him or about him let me know in the comments. In the mean time listen to this amazing spoken word video.   Click here to see all my A to Z Challenge posts    

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    H is for Hunger

    Squalor and Hunger are not twin evils Poverty and filth do not cohabitate Your domicile is not always your home The government controls your life But does not care for your body Hunger breeds resistance Hunger makes a pacifist murder Hunger makes a mother steal   Random words do not flow As easily when you are hungry The starving artist is not romantic The desperate writer eating stale bread Poverty is not romantic! It is oppression and starvation It is want while others waste It is a longing deep in the soul for the basic necessities That you will never receive Hunger is more than just a lack of food  …

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    Coat Conscious

    Coat of arms Coated tongue Raincoat prophylactic protects against more than rain Winter coat Hand me down coat coat of many colors Appalachian poverty turned into a Christmas Special entertainment for the masses Old coat torn coat Coat stuffed with newspapers protection against the cold on a New York sidewalk No coat Coated tongue no medicine no bed   This is just a rambling stream of consciousness poem that I hope reminds you to think about coats. Think about how blessed you are to have a coat and about everyone who is cold and without a coat this winter. I hope you will donate coats, scarves, gloves, socks, and other warm clothing…

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    Home Life

    Keeping Neighbors Warm with a #Scrapgan

      As the weather turns colder there is nothing I like more than curling up with a nice warm crochet project, a cup of cocoa, and a good movie.  As a matter of fact since I stopped smoking a few years ago, I have become obsessed with crocheting.  It gives me something for my hands to do during down times like waiting at the doctor’s office or watching TV.     With so many projects, I end up with lots of scraps of yarn, small amounts that are leftover from a project but not enough for another project.  Once in a while, I end up with full skeins because I order…

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    You Don’t Know Me #BehindTheBlogger

      You don’t know me but reading my blog gives you some insight into who I am right now.  Who I was before remains a mystery at least for a little while.  My lives are starting to collide with old friends discovering my blog and new friends discovering my life.  On my blog I reveal bits and pieces at a time but it is focused on my life now, not what came before, so I will share a few things that came before so that you can learn a bit about me, the person, not just the blogger. In 2011, I lost my house to foreclosure and was featured on…

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    The Riverside Speech

    There could be no greater writing prompt on January 15th then leadership.  January 15th is the birthday of a great leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Much has been said and written about Dr. King and I am sure that anyone who reads this is aware of his famous speech “I have a Dream” that was delivered in Washington DC. Most people are not aware of a much more powerful speech that was delivered exactly one year prior to his assassination. This speech given at Riverside Church in New York showed a more radical side of Dr. King. Most people are not aware of a much more powerful speech that…

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    In America

    The first movie title that came to mind is In America. It is one of my families favorite and most people have never heard of.  It is the story of a family from Ireland that come to New York to try and make a life. It is a very powerful movie that will break your heart and give you hope all at the same time. Here is the plot synopsis. In 1982, Johnny and Sarah Sullivan and their daughters Christy and Ariel enter the United States on a tourist visa via Canada, where Johnny was working as an actor. The family settles in New York City, in a rundown Hell’s…