3 Great Ways to Promote Your Business

The goal of every entrepreneur while establishing a business is to propel it to success. Achieving this goal often means ensuring that it is positioned in such a way that it can attract and retain clients. Unfortunately, this is where most people go wrong as they tend to focus their marketing efforts on the wrong places. Fortunately, you don’t have to be in this group as there are things that you can do to propel your business in the right direction. Below are three successful ways to promote your business.

Internet Marketing


We are now living in the digital age. People are now spending more time online than they spend elsewhere it is absolutely the best time to start a blog. According to the annual Mary Meeker’s internet trends report released in 2018, the average adult spends approximately 5.9 hours a day on the internet. This has gone up from the three hours that people would spend online in 2009. The report further adds that on average, people are spending at least 24 hours a week on the internet which is twice as long in comparison to a decade ago. To break down these statistics, it means that one in five adults spend around 40 hours on the internet every week.

To sum it up, it is now much easier to find your current as well as potential customers online than anywhere else. While traditional forms of business promotion are still of the essence, internet marketing is even more critical, which is why almost all businesses, regardless of size nowadays have an online storefront. Take a look at this definitive guide about dehumidifiers by Veranda Interiors, which reaches its customers through internet marketing. No matter what your business is checking out what others have done to gain customers will provide you with valuable lessons. 

But what is internet marketing? Commonly referred to as online marketing, it is the process of promoting a business, its products, and services over the internet. It is quite broad and encompasses web, email, and social media marketing.

In a nutshell, online marketing is the lifeline of any business, and if you don’t want to see your competitors zoom past you, then it’s time to embrace this form of marketing. It allows you to reach a broader audience in comparison to traditional forms of business promotion and is much more cost effective. What’s even more sensational about this form of marketing is that no entity is bigger than the other because all of them use the same tools to market themselves online. This creates a leveled playground for everyone. The only difference is how they use them.

In respect to that, all you need to do is learn how to maximize on these and soon you will not only be on top of your competition but will be competing with the bigger fish in your industry giving you credibility and enabling you to establish a brand and as a result, grow your business.


Maximize on Your Community


The success of any business, especially a small or medium-sized one lies in its local community. While it is okay for a business owner to want clients from other parts of his/her country or the world, it is even more vital to promote your business to the community around you because the more the locals support you, the more they are likely to recommend you to other people who are not within your locality. This enables you to increase your footprint without trying too hard. Therefore, another successful way to promote your business apart from internet marketing is by maximizing on your community.

There are various ways to do that such as being active in local charity events, sponsoring the local football team, for instance, funding their transport to matches or giving them jerseys that have your business’ name on them. You could also collaborate with other local businesses and create simple marketing events or block parties, where all of you bring your products and services to the same venue and invite locals to purchase them at discounted prices or get coupons.

On top of it all, maximize on local SEO, so it can be easy for those within your boundary to find you online. Remember that most people who look for local businesses are usually ready customers which is why you cannot underestimate the power of local SEO.

Build Relationships


It is easy to retain a current client than it is to attract a new one. Furthermore, your current clients are your biggest promoters which is why you should focus on ensuring that you not only meet their anticipation but also exceed them, as they will be more likely to endorse you to their loved ones as well as friends when your products and services are on point. There are many ways to build relationships with your current clients. For instance, offer them coupons and discounts or go the extra mile by getting in touch with them through email marketing. Make them know that you appreciate and care by wishing them a happy week, or wishing them a good time during special holidays such as their birthdays, on mother’s day, Christmas or any other events celebrated worldwide.

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