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Top 20 Favorite’s from Mississippi

After spending 4 days in May driving the back roads of Mississippi, I had a deeper understanding of the Civil Rights Movement, Blues, and heat.  I also had over 1,000 photos.  I have spent hours sorting and have narrowed it down to my top 20 shots.  These photos represent my top 20 favorite shots and do not even begin to cover everything I saw and learned while in Mississippi.  I hope you enjoy them.  Be sure and leave me a comment and let me know which photo is your favorite.

12 thoughts on “Top 20 Favorite’s from Mississippi”

    1. Thank you. It was really hard to narrow it down to just 20 as I spent several days there and had tons of pictures.

  1. I particularly like the 149 Delta sign. I could do something with that sign. Partial to trains I also like the Mississippi heat and boxcar photos. Also liked the Shelby Mural. Must also mention the last one, the wide open spaces one, as I have really no idea what it looks like in Mississippi.

    1. Most of Mississippi looks like the last picture, lots and lots of open farmland. I was surprised at how much open space there was. You can drive for hours before you see a town, a gas station or even another car.

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