5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Medicine

Choosing the right career is not always easy. You have to choose not only when you’re 18, but you may also change your mind as time goes on. One career that is always cropping up is a career in medicine. A future as a medical director, doctor, or nurse is lucrative and sought-after for a reason, and if you are finally ready to leap, it can help to know why you should go for it.

There are plenty of reasons to go back to school and improve your future, but a career in medicine is a vocation. Whether you choose to go into health administration with Regis College or want to put the time in and become a physician, there are many reasons you should bite the bullet and go for it. With that in mind, we’ve put together five reasons you should choose to study medicine this year and change your future. Let’s go!

A World Of Choices.

There are so many places in the world you can be a doctor like Dr Timothy Steel. You don’t have to stay where you are when you have a future in medicine; you have a golden ticket around the world. Your job is desirable everywhere, from the Gold Coast to Peru. You can choose to study anywhere, too, online or not. Your new career gives you a future where your location is unlimited.

Money, Money, Money.

Okay, so while it’s not the reason you should go into medicine, it’s undoubtedly an attractive factor. Depending on where you do your internship and residency in the world, you can really build a career and an income that offers you more freedom than before. You can earn well into the six figures. You can choose to diversify your education by specializing in obstetrics, or neurosurgery, or go into research and make an even larger salary once you have paid off your student loans.


Speaking of diversification, you will find a massive variety of choices in a career in medicine. Within a couple of years of initial training, you can choose a specialist area that will define your career path. With a degree in medicine, you can work in a hospital, a private practice, or even in a government facility.  There is also the option of going into medical administration and being involved more in the business aspect of medicine. 

Good Balance.

There is a lot of work involved to achieve a degree in medicine, as you may know. However, this work is split between theoretical and practical knowledge, so if it’s your skills you’re looking to improve, you’re going to do well during your course. You will gain so much experience and knowledge in a new field when you go through a degree in medicine.

New People.

One of the biggest draws of a medical career – whether as a doctor or in administration – is the chance to meet new people. Medicine will take you worldwide, and you’re going to meet people from all walks of life. You won’t need to worry about feeling isolated in a medical career. There are always new and exciting people to meet, and they’ll be happy to let you be a part of their day.

Medicine can be a lucrative and exciting path to take. Why not start your career in medicine today?


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  1. Always good to explore different possibilities. Med school gets really hectic, if you can manage it then it’ll be good for you.

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