Why You Need a Day of Rest Each Week


Many people live very busy lives, and even if they are not working they are doing other things that stop them from resting. Our bodies need rest, just as they need a good nights sleep, so they can recover from the day and revive themselves for the next, especially as we get older. There are many reasons why rest is so important, and here are just a few of them.

You Will Be More Aware


People who are rested are more aware of what is going on around them and are less likely to have an accident. The obvious one to point to is the tired driver who is far more likely to cause a crash, but the roads are not the only places where tiredness can be a problem. Think of factories and farms with their heavy plant and machinery. If someone is not fully aware of what they are doing, and what others around them are doing, the results could be fatal.

Your Muscles And Joints Need Rest


Overusing your muscles and joints puts extra strain and them. They need periods of rest to ensure that you do not suffer any long-term bad effects. It is why personal trainers will encourage exercises that use different muscles each time you visit the gym so that you are resting some of them for different sessions. Joints that are overused can very easily develop arthritis and if this gets severe, joint replacement surgery may be needed. If, however, you exercise moderately and have lots of rest periods, your joints will stay healthier for longer.

Your Immune System Needs You To Rest


Whenever you are doing anything physical your immune system is working to repair any minor damage that is being done to your body in order to keep you healthy. It needs you to have a rest day sometimes so that it can catch up with all the repairs it needs to do. Ever wondered why a small scratch is taking a long time to heal? It could well be because your immune system needs you to rest.



Resting Gives You A Mental Edge


Resting is not only vital for the body, but it is also crucial for the brain as well. People who have rested will have a mental edge over those that have not. Mental fatigue will affect your ability to reach your daily goals and can contribute towards depression.


Your body and your mind need time to recuperate from the daily drudge most people live through. If you are a workaholic or someone who cannot sit back and relax for 5 minutes, you need to change your mindset and realize there is nothing wrong with taking a day off. In fact, it is what you should do.


If it needs planning, put the effort into making sure it happens and after your day of rest you will feel the benefits of being sensible, and letting your body recover.


Much is made of eating healthy and getting regular exercise for the sake of your well being. Resting is just as important and should be part of your life just as the other things are.


6 thoughts on “Why You Need a Day of Rest Each Week”

  1. I recently wrote a post similar to this one. Evelyn, these are so wonderful. I found myself this last week exhausted. The farm was all of the sudden very physically demanding a couple weeks ago and I realized I was go-go-go to get everything done that I wore myself down. The last few days I’ve woken up lethargic and down-right grumpy! I took a rest and feel so much better now. I found you at the Pretty Pintastic Party #227 and I’m glad I did. I needed to read this type of post today!

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