Why Planning Your Wedding At 50+ Is The Best Experience

Love can come unexpectedly into your life when you are least prepared for it. It’s perhaps what is the most magical about love: You can’t force your feelings. So, you could be hitting the dating scene like crazy trying to meet someone meaningful without success. And suddenly, you come across Mr. Right down the yogurt aisle of your local grocery store. Love is like that. It doesn’t matter where and how long you search for it. It will still feel like an unexpected surprise when it happens. 


Are you in love? You probably have a ton of stories to tell about meeting each other and growing closer. And right now, you’re about to tell your most romantic story ever, the story of your wedding day. Weddings are not just for the youth. In fact, planning your first, second, or even third wedding at 50+ is going to be one of the best experiences in your life. 


#1. You are braver

You’ve been through life. You’ve taken your hits, and you’ve given some. As a result, it is fair to say that you are less worried about facing a challenge headfirst. While you appreciate romance, you are not an inexperienced young girl anymore. In other words, you are brave and self-confident enough to take the initiative in your relationship. No more waiting until your partner plans something special. You can surprise the man in your life with a romantic weekend away. When traveling abroad to the iconic city of love or a blue Italian sky isn’t in the cards, there are plenty of cute and unique destinations all around you, such as an exquisite hotel room along the East coast or a starry desert night in the Arizona desert. Take the reins in your hands and pop the question. Why don’t women do it more often? Because we’ve grown up in a society that encourages women not to act upon their feelings. But you now know better, and you are not afraid to admit to your feelings and let your special someone know about it. Taking the initiative of the proposal is just as romantic as receiving it. 


#2. You’re more pragmatic

When it comes to money matters, you’ve got a lifetime of knowledge and experience. You understand that a wedding needs a budget. But you also know precisely where to direct your investments. You focus on style, value for money, and high quality without any of the unnecessary faff. Young couples tend to spend more than they need without realizing it. But, whether you’ve already been married in the past or this is your first time, you understand how to save costs. Therefore, you focus on the most important elements of your wedding with a practical mindset; see MagnetStreet’s pocket wedding invitations which keep all the information together. An organized mindset is crucial to manage and prepare your invitations without going over budget. You’ll be pleased to know that a 50+ woman has much more life experience and pragmatic know-how than younger adults when it comes to making your wedding easier and more organized. A simple invite for a convenient location sent to a limited number of guests is the stress-free solution you need.


#3. There is no age for love

Love knows no age. If you are concerned about falling in love during your silver years, it’s time to think twice about the meaning of love. Contrary to what the media shares, getting married is not an experience you can only enjoy in your 20s. Take a look at this inspiring BrightSide article that shares the pictures of silver couples enjoying life to the fullest. Love is all about joy, excitement, fulfillment, and care for each other. There is absolutely nothing that says you can’t love at 50 with as much passion as you did when you were 20. On the contrary, love can be just as strong, and sometimes even stronger, as you go through life. You learn to appreciate your partner more. Flows that would have been a no-no when you were younger get a different meaning. 

#4. You recognize love 

Another noteworthy advantage of planning a wedding in your foxy silver years is your life experience. Too many young couples can collapse at the first obstacle. Did you know that the separation and divorce rate is much higher for couples who got married at a young age? This has to do with their experience of life or, more exactly, lack of it. It is easy to confuse infatuation with sentiment when you are young. However, you’ve got the benefit of having lived and experienced relationships. You know what true love looks and feels like. You are in control of your happiness, as you’ve learned to filter the fake from the real. Getting married at your age or even later may not be a guarantee of success and happiness, but it’s as close as you can get to it. 


#5. You can still make it pretty

Let’s be realistic. Most wedding venues and magazines tend to promote young brides in skintight outfits. It can be daunting if you are concerned about finding the right silhouette for your body size and shape. Thankfully, bridal magazines are only the tip of the iceberg. The wedding dress industry is huge and varied, so there is a gorgeous bridal gown for everyone. As a woman in her 50s or over, you have a good understanding of your body. You know what works on you, which means that you are less likely to waste a lot of time trying to find your perfect dress. More importantly, you’ve also got an eye for design and cut. Unlikely inexperienced brides, you can easily find the right outfit for your budget. Should a dress break the bank? No. There are plenty of beautiful dresses at reasonable prices if you know where to look. 


#6. You’ve got your organizing head on

You’ve been through life. You’ve organized countless parties and events. Kids’ birthday parties? Checked. Milestones birthdays? Checked. Housewarming parties? Checked. You’re an experienced organizer. So, you know how to research and plan ahead of a big party. Many couples complain about how stressful wedding planning can be. But your age and experience are your best allies to go through the motions without panicking. You’re uniquely skilled in finding the best solution for your budget and negotiating prices with suppliers. Additionally, you’re also confident when it comes to buffet orders. Indeed, most new couples tend to order too much and end up wasting food. But you’ve got many years of sorting out buffets for summer and birthday parties. You understand how much people eat and how to make the most of delicious dishes to please everyone. 


#7. You are less worried about your guests

You’re a mother, perhaps even a grandmother. In other words, you are used to children. Unlike young couples who sometimes choose to ban children from their wedding invites, you are not worried about younger guests. You appreciate that kids can be less attentive and disciplined at a wedding, but you are willing to accommodate your plans for your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. You can’t dream of a better way to celebrate love than to be surrounded by all your loved ones. 

#8. It is still magical

Does age make a difference to your wedding? Does a plus-size bridal gown change anything to the emotion of the moment? Quite frankly, your wedding is going to feel magical anyway. Will it look like the typical blockbuster’s wedding? Probably not. But it will be filled with just as much love, gorgeous outfits, fantastic food, and people who care for you. And you will get emotional too because weddings are always symbolic. On a psychological level, you will be making your connection official. And nothing will compare to the magic of the moment. 


#9. It’s a family moment

There’s a big difference between young couples and older couples. You’ve already been through life. You’ve built a family of your own, with trusted friends, children, grandchildren, siblings, nephews, grandnephews, etc. You have a safe nest where you can feel cared for. As you get married, the nest extends. You welcome your partner’s family into yours. Unlike younger couples who need to build their own nest, you are surrounded by your family. This brings the symbolic union to a completely different level. It isn’t just the union of two individuals. It’s the beginning of a new family, stronger, bigger, and happier than the original. 


#10. You know what you want

Young brides and grooms can find it difficult to create a wedding that matches their tastes. Many are easily influenced by the advice and opinions of others. How would they not be? It’s natural to listen to those who have more experience. However, at your age, you’re experienced enough to know what you want. You’ve got enough self-confidence to get your point across and reject ideas that don’t match your tastes and ethos. 


Are you stressed out by your wedding plan? Embrace getting married at 50+. You can take the reins over planning, budgeting, organizing so you can share a magical and beautiful moment with your loved ones. 


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