Where To Look For Job Vacancies


There are so many places to look for job vacancies. By broadening your search, you can increase the chance of finding that perfect job. Here are just some of the best places to go job hunting.

Online job boards

This is the main place where many of us look for jobs. Online job boards are often the most convenient way to find vacancies as they allow you to search for the location, industry and salary that you are after. On top of the popular general job boards, there are specialist job boards such as Practice Match that can also be worth using. Some job boards may require you to pay to sign up – always read reviews to make sure that these job boards are actually worthwhile.

Social media

Social media has also become a popular place to look for vacancies. Many employers post job vacancies on Twitter and Facebook. There are also niche Facebook pages set up for finding job opportunities in certain industries that you can join. On top of this, there’s also the likes of LinkedIn – this is a great site for connecting with employers (some companies may even headhunt you via this site).

Job fairs

Many companies advertise through job fairs – each company is given a stall from which they advertise their vacancies. Job fairs are hosted at colleges, in city halls, and at convention centers. Some are centered around a specific industry. You can search for job fairs nearby online.  

Recruitment agencies

It could be worth signing up with a recruitment agency. These agencies can help you to find vacancies and may also be able to offer advice such as career counseling and help writing your CV. There are recruitment agencies that specialize in certain industries – these could be worth looking into if you’ve got a particular job in mind.

Your personal network

You may be able to find jobs simply by asking friends and family if they know of any vacancies. A friend of a friend may possibly work in your dream industry and may have inside knowledge of whether a company is planning to hire or not in the near future. Such people may even be able to offer a personal recommendation to their boss, which could help your chances of getting hired.

Inquire directly

Sometimes it can be worth inquiring directly with companies – even if they’re not advertising any vacancies. Some companies may be thinking of hiring and you may be able to get in there before they start any formal hiring process. Contacting companies directly often gives you more flexibility when applying as you don’t have to meet requirements on a job ad or complete surveys and tests. 


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