What To Consider Before Adding A Pet To Your Family

Around 70% of US households have a pet. Welcoming a furry friend to your family can have incredible benefits, but owning a pet isn’t always easy. Getting a pet is a big commitment so here are some things to consider before adding a pet to your family.



The cost of living is rising, and many people are finding it increasingly difficult to cover bills and save for the future. If you choose to get a cat or a dog, it’s important to understand the costs involved and make sure you can afford to feed an extra mouth. As well as buying food, a bed, toys, and accessories like bowls, you’ll also need to think about the cost of pet insurance and vet fees. Research suggests that the average dog owner spends over $15,000 on caring for their canine companion over its lifetime. 



When you get a pet, you have to be prepared to take responsibility for looking after it, ensuring it has food and water and making sure other people are safe in its company. You have a responsibility to care for your pet and encourage good behavior. If you take your dog out for a walk, for example, it’s important to keep it on a lead if you are around other dogs or people, it’s busy, or there are other hazards, such as farm animals or traffic. If your dog is aggressive, it intimidates other dogs or people or bites somebody, a dog bite injury lawyer may suggest that you were liable for the incident. To prevent situations like this from happening, take your dog to obedience classes taught by a professional and trusted Dog Trainer Southampton (or one in your location), pay your puppy plenty of attention, and teach it to react to commands and requests. 



It’s very important to think about how much time you have if you’re thinking about expanding your family. Some pets need a lot more time and attention than others. Dogs, for example, don’t like to be left alone for long periods and you can’t leave them overnight. They crave affection and are happiest when they are with their owners. Cats are more self-sufficient and they can be left for longer. If you work long hours, travel for work, or are very busy with other commitments, it’s wise to think about which type of pet to get. If you’re desperate for a dog but you’re not at home all the time, there are solutions. You could look into doggy daycare facilities or hire a dog walker, for example. 



Studies show that approximately 10%-20% of the population suffers from allergies to dogs or cats. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include hives, a runny nose, itchy, puffy eyes, sneezing, and coughing. If you or a member of your family who visits your home regularly, for example, a grandchild, has an allergy to cats or dogs, it’s important to bear this in mind. 


There are many amazing benefits to owning a pet, but there are also downsides. It can be expensive to look after a dog or cat and it can also take up a lot of time and energy. Figure out costs, make sure you understand the responsibilities involved in looking after a pet, and consider which type of pet to get carefully if you have allergies. 


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