What Can Foreign Talent Bring To Your Business?

Why hire someone from abroad when you can just do so, domestically? This is the challenge that every business faces. Should you go after the best talent possible, or stick to a balance of logistics and talent? Yes, someone who is skilled and lives in the country already, is a good choice. But if a killer talent is looking to move to your country, and be hired by a business like yours, would you rather they go to a rival brand than to you? This is why you should always try to entertain the possibility of hiring talent from abroad if they meet the criteria that beats our domestic talent. 


A recognized certification


Let’s be honest, some countries have a higher or better education system than others. So a professional with a certification from a respected nation could be the ticket you need to form a new team, or run a new project. A project management certification from a country like America or the UK, is going to weigh more than one from Nigeria or Iraq. It’s just simple facts, that those who pass certifications of a professional nature in countries with a strong economy, will be more valuable to your business than those who have a certification from a country with a lesser economy. So if you need a strong talent from a country that is more advanced than your own, and you want them in a leadership role, then you should hire someone from abroad.


What you need to show


As a business, you need to make a formal application for the talent you intend to bring into the country. So rather than wait until after you hire the person, learn about what h1b status is. This way you can be ready to put the accepted candidate through the process as soon as they have passed the interview stages. The case needs to be formally registered, the case needs to be received and then reviewed. If the law has any questions, you need to answer them promptly, show any of the new hire’s paperwork and make sure you have clearly defined roles and financial packages lined up for the new hire before they enter into the country. This is because the government doesn’t want to have to financially support the talent you hired, when that is your responsibility.


Merge with the team


There will be a lot of cultural shocks involved in the process. So if you are hiring people from all over the world, they need to be quickly boarded into their role, but also, into the company culture. So they need to forget ways of doing business in their own country or where they were previously working, and get used to your processes and procedures. So create a good onboarding program for foreign hires


Yes you should hire talent from abroad, if they are going to fit a specific position and you may lack specific skills in your business. Just make sure you know the legal pathway you, as a business, needs to follow. 


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