What Are the Different Types of Mattresses That Exist Today?

Did you know that 10% of the population suffers from chronic insomnia?

While the cause of insomnia can be different for everything, you should rule out a subpar mattress by investing in the best one. You may be surprised to learn that there are all kinds of mattresses out there for you to choose from.


Are you wondering which is right for your needs? Keep reading to learn all about the different types of mattresses that exist today.


One of the most established mattress types is known as the innerspring. The metal springs are designed to support your body while also conforming to it. However, this only works if you get the best innerspring mattress.

The cheaper models can end up putting a kink in your back or worse. In general, this mattress isn’t recommended for people who prefer something on the softer side.


If you’re something who loves softness, then the best foam mattress might be the solution for you. If you share a bed, you’ll appreciate how the foam can allow for shifting and other movements without disturbing the other partner as much as an innerspring type.

For sleepers who get hot at night, you should opt for a gel foam mattress or something with cooling memory foam. Another foam option is a mattress that comes in a box. It takes a while for it to regain its shape, though.

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As you might have guessed, a hybrid mattress is a mixture of innerspring and foam options. Simply put, it’s the best of both worlds. The major downside is that this mattress type tends to be more expensive than the others.

It’s a great choice for couples who can decide on either innerspring or foam. Plus, it’s particularly wonderful for sleepers who prefer being on their side, their back, and even their stomach.


Since the mattress industry is always booming, we’ve seen a lot of headway in the types of mattresses available. The air mattress is something that’s great for emergency sleepovers but it isn’t the best permanent solution in most cases.

You’ll be glad to know that they’re easier to set up, assuming you don’t lose the pump. Blowing it up on your own can seem like an impossible feat. Be careful with scissors and other pointed objects because one puncture can end up ruining the mattress for good.

Ready to Choose Between Types of Mattresses?

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of mattresses that exist today, you can have an easier time picking out one that’s right for your specific needs. Be sure to let your friends and family members know how they can improve their sleep as well.

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