What Are The Best Career Paths For An ESL Graduate?


Degrees are always going to be important. When you have worked hard for a degree, and you can write it on your resume for potential employers to see and think about, you will be one step ahead of many other candidates. Not only that, but you will have learned a great deal, be a lot more confident, and be able to choose from a variety of different careers.


There are some programs, such as business or teaching, that offer a direct career path, and it’s easy to think of the jobs you can take up once you graduate. Other degree programs, such as English as a second language, are potentially harder to see the next step from, but in fact, there are a number of exciting potential career paths to go down. If you are interested in learning more about English as a second language and taking a degree in the subject, read on to find out what you can do once you graduate.


Private ESL Instructor

One of the most exciting things you can do when you have an English as a second language degree is to become a private ESL instructor. In this way, you can choose your students, you can specialize in teaching adults or children if you want to, and you can dictate your own hours. When you are a private ESL instructor, you will be running your own business, so if you like the idea of being self-employed and the freedoms (and hard work) that go with that, this could be an ideal choice.


Of course, it takes time to build up a private teaching practice, and you may need to work in other areas to build up your experience and give you time to put things in place. However, as long as you have a plan to create your business and move forward from there, you can do it and enjoy the process and results.


Teaching Overseas

Being self-employed is not something everyone likes the idea of. Now that so many jobs are actually flexible, it’s not something you have to do if that was the only reason you might have been considering becoming self-employed. If you prefer having the security of a place of employment, teaching overseas thanks to your ESL degree could be a good idea.


Not only can you really put your knowledge of English as a second language to good use, but you can also help many different people along the way. Plus, something that does appeal to many people, you get to help those people in a different country. In your downtime, you can explore and travel. The more teaching positions you apply for, the more places you can travel to.



Translators are always in demand, so this is a good career path to follow if you are looking for something with good job security. It is also a very varied job, allowing you to see and do all kinds of different things; no two days are the same when you’re a translator.


Whether you are using your skills in a workplace setting or from the comfort of your home, Business Translations are always in demand. Often remote work will involve looking through books, documents, articles, and other written texts and translating them into another language from the one they are written in. If you love language, but you prefer to work alone rather than in a classroom full of students or even with just one student at a time, becoming a translator will suit you perfectly.

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