Using Mirrors in Your Interior Design


Pretty much every house has at least one mirror within its walls. This is because they have a practical use: it’s always beneficial to be able to take a quick look at yourself before leaving the house and getting on with your day to day tasks. Whether it’s to ensure that you look cute, neat, and tidy, or to apply makeup, do your hair, or make small tweaks to your personal appearance. But there are also other uses for mirrors, making them one of the favorite tools employed by interior designers. So, here’s how to strike the right balance between practicality and aesthetics when incorporating mirrors in your interior design!


Bathroom Vanities


If there’s one room in your home that needs a mirror, it should be your bathroom. Why? Well, this is likely to be where most of your beauty regime will take place. But that’s not to say you should necessarily have a completely plain and bland mirror fitted on the wall above the sink. Instead, you should look at some of the beautiful modern bathroom vanities from with matching mirrors. Or you can do something none traditional and use an ornate fireplace mirror over your sink.  The choice is yours. The vanity mirror can really make a stunning centerpiece in your bathroom design at the same time as playing a functional role in your day to day activities. Another great place in the bathroom is the back of the door.  I like to hang a full-length mirror on the back of the door, not only does it provide more light, it also provides a spot for a quick check any time of day. 


Enhancing Space


Besides their practical benefits, mirrors can make spaces appear much larger. By angling a mirror towards the focal point of any given room, you will give the illusion of more depth in the space. They also reflect light (both natural and artificial), meaning that they bounce light around the living space throughout the day and night, which also creates the illusion of a larger space. Pair these clever mirror tricks with light colors for maximum effect. Alternatively, if you have a particularly stunning view from your windows, you could place your mirror opposite to replicate this fine feature!

Place a single candle in front of a mirror to light up an entire room for a nice ambiance.


As Art


Mirrors can be statement pieces in and of themselves. There are various designs out there that draw the eye, making the mirror a centerpiece of any room. This works particularly well if the mirror is central, or located directly opposite the door that gives you access to the space. Also, bear in mind that the arrangement of mirrors can be creative. Think of mirrors as an installation! You can mosaic smaller mirrors, or opt for unique and quirky shapes or bold, decadent frames. You can choose inexpensive peel and stick mirrors to create patterns or invest in an ornate antique mirror that commands attention. ?The choices are endless.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Never place mirrors across from each other as it upsets the energy of the room and can make some people who enter your home feel uncomfortable.” quote=”Never place mirrors across from each other as it upsets the energy of the room and can make some people who enter your home feel uncomfortable.” theme=”style3″]


These are just a few different ways that you might want to consider incorporating mirrors into your decor. Check out my Pinterest board for more decorating ideas.

Remember, not only are mirrors functional but they can be beautiful as well. Mirrors can dramatically alter the appearance of light and space in your home changing a dark dungeon of a room into a radiant light-filled gallery. What’s not to love? Take your time when choosing and investing. After all, you don’t want to waste any money and this could prove to be a real investment piece if done the right way.

Mirrors aren’t just for the inside of the house.  You can use them on the patio, front porch, or in the garden to create very interesting effects. Also, they are great in a vegetable garden for scaring away pests.

Where do you use mirrors in your home?


6 thoughts on “Using Mirrors in Your Interior Design”

  1. Good advice, I’ve been guilty of placing mirrors across from each other before, and they did indeed make for a very odd hallway. I learned my lesson the hard way when a friend came over and she said the mirrors “kinda freaked her out.” Oops! Live and learn. Mirrors are very powerful decorating pieces when used the right way but can really mess with a room’s flow if used wrong.

  2. I like mirrors, as long as they reflect something worth reflecting. I am moving next week and I am excited that I finally have a place for a big gold mirror that was my mothers.

  3. Evelyn, I love a nice decorative mirror placed for effect and have at least one in most rooms, but you’ve reminded me how much my home office needs one. I like the idea of magnifying the effect of a candle by placing it in front of a mirror. #BloggersPitStop

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