Unexpected Travel Expenses and How to Avoid Them

It is easy to overdo your budget; it could be for a last-minute purchase of a souvenir or a night out with friends where you had a few too many drinks. Whatever the case may be, you get to incur these additional costs, so what should you do if you weren’t hoping to incur these unexpected expenses? Those nagging additional fees can unleash havoc on your wallet and ruin your trip.


Here are some of the most common unprecedented travel costs and what you can do to avert them.

Baggage Fees

Baggage charges can be a headache, especially when flying on several airlines. They have varying weight and size requirements that cost you a lot of money if you don’t match them. So before stuffing up your luggage, check the weight and size restrictions for each airline you’ll be flying in.

Also, double-check your ticket to ensure that it includes your luggage. Budget airlines and tickets do not feature free inspected luggage or even a carry-on bag. Also, when traveling through your destination, you can decide to use storage units to store some of your extra belongings at an affordable cost.

Hotel Reservation Fees

You find the ideal hotel in the ideal location, and the price accommodates your budget. You return to reserve the room, and as you confirm, you realize the hotel has added “service” charges and “cleaning” fees, raising the price above what you expected.

Go through the entire reservation procedure to mitigate surprises as if you were reserving a room till the payment stage. You don’t have to pay, just keep track of the total cost. The total cost, including all fees, will be displayed to you.

Taxes on Hotel Stays

Some accommodations, such as those in Europe, will charge a city tax. It is referred to as the tourist tax. It can range from 2 euros per tourist to a proportion of the total cost and is usually charged once you arrive at your accommodation, and they frequently ask to be paid in cash.

To avoid these unanticipated costs, just ask your guesthouse for any additional tourist taxes you should be aware of and how much it will cost you.

Credit/Debit Card Charges

With thousands of banks around the globe, non-members must incur charges while making transactions. If you lack a travel card, you will likely pay ATM or withdrawal charges. If you’re journeying abroad, some credit cards may even charge you a small proportion of each payment.

The best way to evade these charges is to utilize a travel card that compensates the charges or can be accepted globally with no ATM or payment charges. When you travel abroad, remember to inform your bank to prevent your card from being denied or swallowed by a machine.

Uber/Cab Charges

You will have to pay for that ride from the airport to your place of accommodation using a taxi cab or an uber. The charges vary with time; for example, an uber will raise charges during peak hours. To avoid overpaying, be familiar with the adhered taxis’ fixed rates.


Having an emergency is the last thing we want to think about while on vacation, but we must consider it. You are likely to experience an accident if you travel regularly. You should always have a traveling first aid kit to deal with emergencies. You should also be covered by travel insurance or have a credit card ready to cater for any accidents.


Traveling is a fun activity to embark on, especially with your loved one; however, it is usually accompanied by some unexpected charges that may harm your pocket, thus ruining your trip. Therefore, it is crucial to cater to these extra charges to ensure your travel experience is worthwhile.

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