Turning Your Love For Animals Into A Profession


It’s hard not to love animals. Not only are they totally honest in their actions, but absolutely understandable, and many can form a bond with us. They hold their own dignity and deserve nothing but the best treatment.


If you find that you yourself love animals to the point where turning this into a professional possibility, habit, or even career helps you feel a sense of worth, then it might be a good idea to view what opportunities are on the horizon.


After all, you don’t need to become a highly qualified animal medic to care for them and make sure that your interactions with such animals, be they pet, farming cattle, or sheltered rescues is fully informed and even accredited. For instance, the animal care courses you can take while running a smallholding will make habits like birthing lambs alongside your partner much easier to deal with.


In this post, then, we’ll discuss how you can turn your love for these animals into a professional habit. Without further ado, let’s begin:


Animal Shelter Work


Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers, and of course professionals that work there on a full or part-time basis. From work that directly involves animals, to work that is applied in proximity of animals, there are a range of ways you could find yourself contributing to an organization such as this. 


Cleaning tasks are always necessary, administrative duties are always important, and even training as an animal caretaker or trainer can help you more readily ingratiate these animals back into the wild, or take them on to zoos and other animal shelters that will ultimately take care of them as they grow. Animal shelters can work to preserve endangered species, or they may be concerned with direct medical interventions. Put your effort here, and you’ll have been certain to contribute your worth to the animal kingdom and more.


Veterinarian Tech


Heading to a school for Veterinary Technicians, in even your later years, can provide you with accreditation for working in a direct animal care field, providing you the competence and authority to make life-changing decisions in the life of these creatures. 


This can also be a great pre-requisite towards opening your own practice, or again, finding a worthwhile position in an animal shelter as evidenced above. Training of this nature is thorough, but it can provide you with the highest chance of developing a worthwhile and capable response to the animal care you deem important and relevant.

Smallholding Farm


Running your own smallholding is ultimately a commercial or hobbyist enterprise, but it can be done simply for the love of farm animals and cultivating their wellbeing. From time to time, you may take a pig to the abattoir, but depending on your ideals, that is never a necessity.


Many people with rural land decide that running a smallholding simply for the pleasure of owning sheep, bringing in unique animals like alpacas, and rearing chickens is a lovely life activity to keep up with in retirement. Smallholdings may not be profitable, but they can certainly be enriching.


Of course, there are ways to make your money back, as evidenced in this guide here.


Awareness Campaigns


Sometimes, you may wish to resolve issues you see as indicative of a culture that hasn’t quite understood the problems with animal care and the pressing nature of their upkeep. For instance, campaigning for more vegan options for kids in schools, or working towards animal rights to the degree that you find this important can have a major effect on how our understanding is shaped from now to the future.


In some countries, anti-poaching initiatives have allowed certain endangered species to flourish once more. It might be that while you aren’t employed in these fields, habitually using your professional skill set to deploy that in a pursuit overall worthwhile for the animal kingdom can be worthwhile. Think of how Seaworld and its harmful practices have come to light in recent years, while scientists have also been flooding the market with fake rhino horn to totally hamper its value.


Simply becoming aware of these topics can help us determine how we might like to show support for these initiatives, which is how a professional and constructive habit comes to pass.


With this advice, you’ll be sure to turn your love for animals into something more productive, should you be convinced that this is a worthwhile use of your time. The possibilities are limited by your imagination, hard work, and feasibility depending on where you are in life and what you’re looking for.

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