Transform Your Dressing Room for a Positive Experience


What are the cardinal rules to transform your dressing room for a positive experience? This blog post will tell you all about them. In addition, there are lots of tips and tricks that can make you feel better when trying on clothes. You should start by making sure there is plenty of lighting, decluttering furniture, and adding mirrors.

The more mirrors you have, the less likely you will get distracted with your shadow or strain to get an all-around glimpse of your outfit. It also helps if you design drawers or wall storage for space so that you can try on clothes without worrying about spilling something on yourself.



Use Flooding Lights To Brighten Up the Place

You will want to increase the lighting in your dressing room for a positive experience. You can do this by adding more light fixtures, lamps, and other types of lights that provide high wattage.

If you want to save money, then consider using daylight LED bulbs from They are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting, and they produce natural light that will brighten up the place and provide a warm atmosphere for your dressing room.

Declutter Furniture for an Open Feel

This means getting rid of anything that is not necessary for the experience. This includes taking down any unnecessary pictures, removing extra chairs and storage, and taking down any items that block the view.

Decluttering your dressing room is a great way to start the transformation process. It allows you to see exactly what your options are and helps eliminate items that don’t work in the space. Start by removing any furniture except for an armoire if needed or desired.

The More Large Mirrors, the Better

Another tip to use when styling yourself is to have large mirrors. The more, the better, so that you can see every angle of your outfit at one go.

Many designers agree that having multiple mirrors in the space is one of the most important aspects to consider. In addition, mirrors help open up a room, making it feel larger and brighter- which are both good things. If you can’t install full-length wall mirrors across an entire dressing room area, then at least have two large standing ones on either side of your mirror.

Design Drawers and Wall Storage for Space

Use clear containers for storage that are easily accessible to make your clothes feel like they’re on display.

Place all of the same types of clothing into one container or sectioned off area. For example, if you have many shirts but want them divided up by colour, then place each shirt in its bin. This should look neater than stacking items on top of each other.  It also ensures that every item gets aired out, which prevents unwanted odours.


In conclusion, you want your dressing room to be where you can get dressed and feel satisfied with the experience. Therefore, you should consider everything in this article, so you have an easier time getting ready.

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