Top Tips for Organizing Your Books


Organizing your books can be a great way to make it easier to find what you are looking for, and more importantly, make room for more books. 


If you are a fan of books and spend your spare time eagerly reviewing the best book websites for fun, then it may be time to step up your organization game and clear out space, ready for their arrival. 


There are many different ways you can organize your books, depending on your style and space. 


Here are 5 ideas to spark some inspiration. 


#1 Organize your books by color 

Organizing your books by color is a fun way to get creative and make space, as well as an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf. 


The way you organize it is entirely up to you. You can simply opt for the order of colors in a rainbow, or you can think outside the box and opt for an ombre pattern, or make up your own. 


#2 Organize your books in order you want to read them

This is a great tip for anyone who has dozens of books they want to read but feels overwhelmed on which ones to choose first. This means you have to sit down and think, and then you can arrange your book in the correct order. This then provides you with a visual book list, so you can eagerly await the next book. 


#3 Stack books 

If your bookcase is full to the brim with books, you can opt to stack your books that don’t fit on the shelf. Some are afraid to stack their books in fear of being damaged, but actually, you can get creative and use stacked books to add style to a room, for example, on a coffee table in the center of your living space, alternatively, you can use a stack of books AS your coffee table. Simply add a few coasters so they don’t get ruined and viola.


#4 Arrange your books by subject or genre 

If you like to read a range of different genres, this can be the perfect way to organize your books, especially if you like to have a few on the go at the same time! Organizing your books by genre makes it much easier to select a new book when you have finished reading, or add a new addition to the case. It makes it simple to find what you are looking for to suit your current interests and mood. 


#5 Organize your books alphabetically 

The classic alphabetical order is perfect if you have a wide range of books (and your home looks too much like a library). You don’t always have to have a fancy organization system if alphabetical order works fine for you. This works well if you often return to the same books, reading from the same collection, or are a college student and have numerous study books you need to read and refer to.

The way you organize your books will entirely depend upon personal preference. You can use it as part of your room decor to make it fit the theme or tidy up the room, alternatively, you can make it more practicable and easier to find what you are looking for. Regardless, there are endless ways you can organize your bookshelves.

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