Too Tied Wide Awake Napping

Too Tired Wide Awake Napping


For some reason, I get so sleepy in the middle of the day that I can’t even think. I try to fight through it most days but sometimes I succumb and take a nap.


Nap won


Regardless, if I have napped or not when it is time to go to bed, I am wired and can’t sleep.


Sleep at Dawn


I have always been a night owl. My mother said I had my days and nights mixed up as a baby. I wanted to sleep all day and stay up all night.


Tiny Violin


I have tried my entire life to force myself to live by the traditional time of others. It has resulted in insomnia and a really whacked out circadian rhythm.  Hypothyroidism and perimenopause have done nothing to help it, just another one of the joys of getting older that no one tells you about.


Still to Come





Did you see this?


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