Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Family Room


One room in your home that you likely use a lot and hang out in often is your family room. It’s a central point in most homes because you may use it for both relaxing and entertaining guests.

If your family room is outdated then it may be time to take a look at what you can be doing to reinvent it. It makes sense that you’d want it to be one of your favorite and most attractive rooms in your home since your family members and visitors see and use it frequently. Learn tips to help you create the perfect family room so you can soon sit back and truly enjoy it.

Gather Ideas

A good starting point when trying to redo and improve your family room is to gather ideas for styles and looks. Do your homework and research what’s trending and may look the best in your home. Figure out what fabrics will be the most attractive and what type of setup you’re envisioning for the room to make it more appealing. Look into different décor ideas and color schemes and try to get a better idea for your personal taste as well as see what other homeowners are doing in their properties.

Comfort is Key

When it comes to creating the perfect family room, comfort is key. It’s a room you go to feel at ease and put your feet up after a long day of work. You may use it as a place to get lost in a good book, watch a big game, or enjoy your favorite movie. You can increase the comfort level in your family room by investing in the right future pieces and keeping your carpet looking and feeling nice. Keep your carpet in prime condition and so it feels cozy under your feet by using a professional carpet cleaning company to make it appear brand new again. It’s an excellent way to remove dirt, grime, and stains, and will help you fall back in love with your family room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color

You can also create the perfect family room by not being afraid to use and bring in more color. It’ll make the room more exciting and interesting and lift your mood when you’re spending time in the space. One easy way to do so is by hanging colorful artwork on the walls or displaying beautiful, vibrant décor pieces and fresh flowers. Another way to draw in more color is through your pillows and blankets. Otherwise, you can add color to the walls with paint or hang bright curtains on your windows. Have fun with it and take pleasure in the positive vibes the room begins to give off.

Have Enough Storage

Your family room will be that much better of a place to spend time in when there isn’t a lot of clutter. Therefore, it’s important that you have enough storage options and keep your belongings hidden when they’re not in use. Your space will look better and be more inviting and calming when you store away your items out of sight until you need them. There are many options such as having built-in cabinets with drawers or investing in furniture pieces that open up and also act as storage. If the kids use the room often then you want to avoid having toys scattered throughout it all day long. Baskets and bookshelves will also help you keep your family room organized.

Focus on Entertainment

One reason you like being in your family room is likely because you can watch the TV in it. You can pick your favorite piece of furniture or chair to sit in and put your feet up while you indulge in watching a sporting event, movie, or TV series. Create the perfect living room by focusing on the entertainment aspect of the space. Get the right size TV for the room so it’s not too small or too big and make sure you have a good speaker or sound system so it’s easy to hear what you have on. Also, make sure there’s plenty of seating available or that you can add extra seats if you have people over and all want to be in the room together.

Include Lighting Options

Your family room will look more beautiful and be more functional when you include the right lighting in the space. Make sure you have plenty of lighting options and that you can turn lights on or off as you see fit. You want to be able to set the right mood and tone depending upon the time of day and what you’re doing at the time. It may help to not only have a light fixture in the middle with a fan but that you also include lamps, candles, and lights on dimmer switches that highlight and overlook the mantel or fireplace. In fact, companies like Neon Mama have many collections of LED lights to brighten your space (see the full range on their website), if you are looking to make your living space really stand out. 

Keep it Clean

It’s also essential that if you want to create the perfect family room that you work hard to keep it clean year-round. Get on a regular cleaning schedule so you can ensure it’s always presentable and comfortable. It may also help to perform a deep clean every so often and to also tidy up the room each night so it’s ready to go the next day. If you have carpet in the room then get into a regular routine of vacuuming which will help boost the overall appearance of your family room and make it more welcoming.


Apply these tips in your family room and you’ll be on your way to loving this space and using it more frequently. It’s one of the main rooms in any home and will be worth spending the time and energy to make it look attractive and inviting. Every member of your family and guest will be impressed by what you’ve done and will likely be eager to sit with you in the room and enjoy it every chance they get.  

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