Tips to Boost Your Teenager’s Confidence  

Confidence is admired by many and has been described as one of the main ingredients for success. Although one may not always have been confident, it’s a trait you can nurture over time. As a parent, you can play an active role in helping your teen become more confident. The teen years can be an awkward period where teenagers can become self-conscious and self-critical. Supporting them in establishing habits that will boost their confidence is important, as it will help them face life head-on amid difficulties. If you’re wondering how to help your teenagers become more confident, here are five ways to do so.

Don’t compare them to others


As a parent, it can be tempting to compare your teenager to their siblings or classmates when they are not on the same path. You might make such comparisons to push them to follow in their footsteps, but it could affect your teen’s confidence. Try as much as you can to check this because it might control how your teen’s self-image. Recognize that each person is different and find ways to celebrate their strengths and unique gifts. Also, find gentle ways to give positive reinforcement when your teenager compares themselves to others. You can help them to break the habit by teaching them to control their thoughts. 

Avoid labels


Teenagers can have difficulty processing emotions, leading to emotional outbursts and behavioral problems. It would be best not to label your child as dramatic or a troublemaker at such times. Labels like that will affect their confidence and cause them to look down on themselves. Ensure that you listen to them actively and try to understand them so you can help them process their emotions. If they are going through mental health issues, seek help from facilities like Eva Carlston or provide them with the necessary resources. 

Lower the high expectations


Sometimes parents can set very high expectations that teenagers fail to meet. When this happens, it leaves them with feelings of inadequacy. Consider setting reasonable expectations for your teens. Have a conversation and ask them why they have trouble meeting the expectations set. Ensure that your expectations are rooted in their best interests and make room for mistakes. Remember to praise your teenager when they meet your expectations. 

Help them pursue their passion


Pursuing your passion can help you become more self-aware and equipped to overcome obstacles. If your teenager likes to play basketball or sing, encourage them. You can take them to basketball games or hire a voice coach to help them become better. Being passionate about something they love can help them to experiment and embrace uncertainty, inspiring them to be confident to face challenges and succeed. 

Set an example


Your teen must see you modeling confidence. Try to challenge yourself and face life with full confidence. They will be motivated to come out of their shell because they look up to you. Let them see your struggles with being confident but show your teen how to overcome them by example. 


Ensure you use your position in your teenager’s life to positively influence them. Invest in them and help them become confident adults. 


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