Tips to Boost Your Energy Levels


Do you spend your days feeling tired, listless, and weak?


Do you lack the energy you used to feel?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of the above, then it’s time to do something about it. Your life will suffer otherwise, as in both your personal and work lives; you will lack the motivation and strength to carry out your daily duties.


The first thing you need to do is work out why you are feeling so tired. We have some suggestions here, so have a read and put into practice anything that is relevant to your situation. You might need to see your doctor and find out if there are medical reasons causing your fatigue such as sleep apnea or anemia. You might want to consider b12 shots and/or vitamins if you are suffering from health issues such as anemia. Also, consider your lifestyle; do you need to make any changes? You might, especially if you are guilty of bad habits that are draining your energy levels.


Here are a few changes to consider.


Focus on what you eat and drink.

Certain foods and drinks, such as anything high in sugar, will boost your energy for the short term, but then your energy drops; the so-called ‘sugar crash.’  The same is true of caffeine. Good for a quick burst of energy when you’re feeling tired, but it’s not a long-term solution. In fact, your body can build up a tolerance to caffeine, so after a while, you will reduce the power of even short-term effects. Check out this list of energy-depleting foods and drinks here

Make an effort to consume less quick fix items, and focus your time on eating foods and drinking drinks that will boost your energy for longer periods. Consume foods that are high in nutrients. Eat more bananas for your potassium and B6 vitamins, for example, and drink green tea in place of coffee, as it has proven qualities to boost your energy levels longer term. Consider these other energy-boosting foods, making the effort to add them to your shopping list instead of the less healthy alternatives.


Get more exercise each day.

It’s a vicious circle, we know. When you’re feeling tired, the last thing you want to do is more exercise. But as is shown here, you should actually make the effort to get off your butt and into some form of exercise when your energy levels are low. It’s good for getting your blood pumping, releasing your feel-good endorphins, and combatting that common energy zapper, stress! Of course, you do need to pace yourself. Overworking yourself in the gym will shred your energy levels, so take your time and start slow, and you will soon start to feel the benefits.


Get the right amount of sleep.

If you have less than seven hours sleep a night, your body will suffer the consequences eventually. Curb those late nights then and get yourself some decent shut-eye. However, be sure not to oversleep. Spending longer in bed than you should can actually deplete your energy levels, as it can cause you to feel groggy throughout the day. And there are other reasons why you should stop having those regular lie-ins, all attributed to your health. Check out this article to find out why.



It doesn’t take a lot of energy to make these lifestyle changes, so if you are guilty of eating the wrong foods, spending too much time on the sofa, and/or not getting to bed on time, consider changing your habits to reinvigorate your energy levels. You will feel and function better if you do.

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