Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home After the Kids Leave

It can be a hard thing to acknowledge when all of the children have left the home for good. Whether it’s just the one child that’s flown the nest, or multiple, it doesn’t make it any easier for the parent or parents left behind.


To have the responsibility of a parent for so long, to then find oneself alone and without the kids, it’s tough! With that being said, there are many distractions that can keep a parent occupied. For example, sprucing up the home. Here are a few tips for sprucing up your home after the kids leave.


Be sure to hand over any belongings to the child

When it comes to kids flying the nest, it may be to go to college or move into their first rental apartment. It might not necessarily be the right time to hand over all of their belongings. However, when a child moves into their own property where there’s enough space to house all their childhood belongings from the home, it’s good to hand this over to them.


This is important because their old room could be used for something else now or at least turned into a guest bedroom that doesn’t have any clutter in it.


Get rid of any clutter

Talking of clutter, clutter can definitely be problematic for those that have limited space in their home. For those who find that their kids have flown the nest, it may be worthwhile to get rid of any clutter that’s no longer needed.


Clutter that perhaps was useful to the children but now has no use in the home. This also includes different items of furniture that may be better suited in someone else’s home or taken to the scrap to recycle.



Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging furniture is a great opportunity to help see the space in a different way. After years of furniture being in the same area, it’s good to switch it up every now and then! It might end up transforming the space completely and it doesn’t cost a dollar to do.


Do a few updates to the home

A few updates here and there may be needed once the kids have flown the nest. After years of bumps and scuffs, some walls may need painting and there may need to be some fixes made to help repair fittings.


It doesn’t need to cost the earth but making a few tweaks and changes can help to update the home and add value to it.


Less is more

When it comes to adding to the home after the kids have gone, try to limit it where possible. Less is always more and it’s important not to add too much unnecessary clutter to cramp up the space.


A new chapter begins when the children fly the nest, so embrace it and enjoy this new space that you’re living in.


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