Tips for Men to Stay Healthy and Thrive in Middle-Age

Life over the age of 40 presents a whole new series of challenges that men don’t face in their 20s or 30s. No-one wants to think about getting older, especially what the effects of aging do to our bodies. But ignoring medical recommendations, warning signs, and changes if a recipe for even more damage. Here are a few common areas that men deal with as they transition into middle age, and some ways to fight back against the clock!



Sexual Well-Being

Let’s start with a problem that many, if not most, middle-aged gentlemen face but few, if any, want to talk about: sexual problems. Whether the issue is improving a decreased sex drive, conquering erectile dysfunction, or re-igniting the flame with your partner, men think about this constantly but are embarrassed to get help with it. First and foremost, you should never be afraid to talk to your doctor about anything. They are trained professionals, experts at discretion, and no matter what you throw at them, you can bet they’ve heard something more embarrassing from someone else. It’s critical you have these conversations; they will only become more important as you age. Plus, you may be depriving yourself of an easy solution! Your sexual concerns may be a result of stress or indicative of a bigger medical issue. But they may also be easily treated by some lifestyle changes or ED medication. Your doctor can help with any of those.


Heart Health

Just as certain diseases are more likely to affect women, heart disease and heart attacks are more likely to affect men. Is that fair? No. Does mother nature care? No. Does that mean there’s nothing you can do about it? Absolutely not! While heredity is a factor in heart health, your lifestyle can heavily impact it one way or the other. If you smoke, drink to excess, exercise rarely, and carry 20-30 extra pounds, this can give even the most genetically perfect man heart issues. If you get cardiovascular exercise 25 minutes a day 5 times a week, eat a balanced diet, drink in moderation (or not at all) and quit smoking, that can fight a bad genetic hand as well. Take care of your heart and it will take care of you.


Cancer and Diabetes Prevention

Finally, be sure you are getting an annual physical, and getting the recommended screenings done for your age. Early detection is the best medical weapon you have against many types of cancer, so it’s crucial to be tested. Many men are hung up about getting colonoscopies. Man up and get it done so you can be sure to be around for the people who count on you! It’s not nearly as painful as you imagine, and it can literally save your life. Also, be sure to get yearly blood sugar screenings to make sure you are not pre-diabetic or diabetic. If you catch an issue with your levels early, you can reverse it.



Embrace your inner silver fox and commit to aging gracefully with a little preventative maintenance! Get an annual physical, have a common-sense diet and exercise routine, and never be afraid to talk with your doctor about any issue.

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