Tips for Backpacking and Trekking

Ever have that fantasy of bicycling across Europe? Want to see the world without having to lug tons of luggage? Is a pilgrimage such as Camino de Santiago on your bucket list?  Then you need to think about backpacking.



Preparing to travel can be stressful; there is a lot to remember, for example, organizing your travel insurance through a company like GoBear. For most people, the adventure of backpacking across foreign countries is a rite of passage, but all the preparation needed as well as having just one bag of belongings to survive on for weeks can be incredibly daunting.

Don’t let this put you off; with this handy packing list, and the tips below, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need to backpack across Europe.




You don’t want to forget all about this once in a lifetime experience so make sure you invest in a good quality camera to take with you. Make sure you opt for a camera designed for traveling as it will have good battery life. This is so that you don’t have to keep charging it as you will be taking a lot of photos. Travel cameras will also be lightweight so they’re easier to carry around and will be small so that they don’t take up too much room in your bag.

Take a less-expensive, basic, and durable mobile phone with you so that you can keep in touch with family and friends as they are likely to be worried about you, not to mention you may need it in an emergency. And remember chargers! Take universal charging ports too in case you travel to countries with different electrical sockets. Lastly, make sure to pack a specialized ‘dry bag’ to make sure your technology is safe from the elements and a padlock to keep your belongings safe from potential thieves.


When it comes to toiletries they can really start to add up and become a heavy addition to your bag, so make sure you keep them to a minimum. The essentials that you’ll need are a toothbrush and toothpaste, an all in one shower gel and shampoo, and deodorant (roll-on deodorant lasts much longer).

If you’re traveling to hot countries take sunscreen too. The only medication you should need in order to be able to handle day to day aches and pains and to tide you over until you can get help in an emergency situation are pain killers, anti-histamines, disinfectant, and plasters and bandages which come in most first aid kits. Don’t forget to take a small travel towel too as well as some water purification tablets in case you cannot access clean water.




Luckily one of the most important things to pack can be one of the simplest. All you need to take to sleep on is a roll-up mat and a sleeping bag, both of which can be very lightweight. And of course, you will need a tent, but don’t be tempted to go for luxury here as it needs to be as small and light-weight as possible.


Choosing the Right Backpack

Choosing the right backpack depends on many things such as, your size and strength, length of trek or hike, and what you need to carry in the pack.  Here is a handy infographic on choosing a backpack.



Packing for a backpacking trip isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You’ll be surprised at how little you really need, so be brave and take the leap into this life-changing adventure opportunity. You’re never too old to realize that dream of backpacking across Europe.


Have you backpacked across Europe or walked the Camino?



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  1. Linda Manns Linneman

    Great article and so many great suggestions. My son and grandchildren love backpacking. I will be sharing this article with them. Thank you so much for sharing

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